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By signing below, I certify I have read and understand the rules and regulations regarding a seasonal locker rental as listed in the "Rental Agreement", and that, upon approval of this application, payment is due in full by May 1of the licensing year in order for the permit to be issued.
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  • Driver's License (or a Belmar property tax bill is acceptable).
  • If applying for discounted rate (Belmar Resident & Senior Citizen) proof of age and residency is required.
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Belmar Beach Locker
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Upon payment, the "Lessee" shall be issued a beach locker. This locker will have an assigned number and is only valid for the corresponding locker number.

The "Lessee" shall not transfer rights to the lease to any other party for the purposes of renewing a lease.

Any conditions about and around a locker declared to be a fire hazard in the judgment of the Fire Marshal or be illegal by the Police Chief or other law enforcement individual shall be removed by the owner or person in charge of the locker.

Lessees are responsible for all risks of theft or damage to the beach locker and its contents.

The beach lockers will remain open as designated by the Beach Department during the season. Should the "Lessee" determine that their assigned locker is occupied by another not assigned by the "Lessee" they shall notify the Department of Public Works.

The use of the beach lockers shall be restricted to storage of items for PLEASURE PURPOSES ONLY. No commercial use of any kind whatsoever shall be eligible for beach lockers.

In an emergency or under unusual conditions when the Borough shall so determine, the Borough reserves the right to open beach lockers and remove their contents for emergency purposes.

All leases shall run from MAY 15TH THROUGH SEPTEMBER 15th. THE LEASE SHALL BE ON A YEARLY BASIS, AND SHALL BE PAYABLE IN FULL IN ADVANCE. Renewal of leases shall not be pro-rated, nor shall there be any refund for any unexpired part or portion of the term of any lease.


Lessee shall utilize the beach lockers and other related facilities at the LESSEE’S OWN RISK. Lessee holds harmless and indemnifies Lesser from any claim of whatsoever nature relating to the use of these facilities.

Leases are subject to all other provisions of ordinances regulating leasing privileges.

Any beach locker used for the purposes not under the lease agreement will have its contents removed at the owner’s expense.

If the permit holder fails to remove their personal property by September 30, then the personal property shall become the property of the Borough of Belmar.
Rental Agreement
Fee Schedule
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Belmar Residents$200
Non-Residents of Belmar$250
Belmar Resident & Senior Citizen$150

All payments in cash must be done in person at Borough Hall. Checks/money orders should be made payable to "Borough of Belmar" and must include Name, Address, Phone Number and Driver's License Number. Payment by Credit Card will incur a processing fee.

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