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420 East Main St
Tuckerton, NJ 08087
(609) 296-4916
By signing below, I certify that all of the information provided in this application is true and accurate. I certify that this dwelling and all other structures on the property meet the zoning requirements of the Borough of Tuckerton. I attest to the fact that no rubbish/debris/bulk garbage will be left on this property prior to new occupancy. If removal of rubbish/debris/bulk garbage is required, you may call Public Works (609-296-5058) to schedule a pick up. I understand that failure to comply will result in retraction of the Certificate of Inspection and a summons will be issued. I understand that this applies to all properties that fall within the Borough of Tuckerton.
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A fee of $40 shall be charged for each dwelling that fails an inspection and needs to be reinspected. If a tenant moves out, a new application must be filled out and a fee of $75 will be needed before another inspection is done. If a Transfer of Title is requested, no inspection is needed and there shall be no occupancy until a rental or resale application is done.
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If you are applying for a Transfer of Title no inspection is needed and there shall be NO OCCUPANCY until a rental or resale application is done.
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Before an application can be processed all open permits and violations related to this property must be closed.