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The following documents MUST be provided with all applications:

Applications for New Automotive Repair Facilities

  1. A valid Certificate of Occupancy for the facility
  2. A valid Business Registration
  3. New Jersey Sales Tax Certificate
  4. New Jersey Employer Identification Number
  5. Proof of Age for the Applicant (E.g. Birth Certificate or valid Driver's License)
  6. A list of all employees that will be employed by the business
  7. Two (2) passport size (2in x 2in) photographs of the Applicant and the Manager
Applications for Renewal
  1. Two (2) passport size (2in x 2in) photographs of the Applicant and the Manager
  2. A valid Certificate of Occupancy for the facility
  3. A list of all employees that will are employed by the business
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Mandatory, non-refundable application fee of $25.00 for every application due for new and renewal applications
License fee $100.00 if issued
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