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1 awning for each facade unless a corner property then 2 awnings are permitted, only 1 awning per street frontage.
6. If a second floor sign, it is limited to one window sign.
6. Is the height to the top of the awning 15 ft or less measured from the grade in front of the building?
2. Is the sign/letting width on the awning 60% or less of the store width?
8. Sign materials, is it one of the following?
11. Does the awning have a clearance height of 8 ft?
c. Epoxy letters
4. Street numbers are permitted on the valance section of the awning, does the letter sizing cover less than 50% of the length of the valance?
e. Slate, marble or sandstone
4. Is the sign box height a maximum of 24 inches?
b. Carved
7. Is the maximum height of the actual fixed awning three and one-half ft?
1 sign for each facade unless a corner property then 2 signs are permitted, only 1 sign per street frontage
5. Is the awning cloth fabric only?
f. Gold Leaf
b. Carved wooden letters
The above also applies to the letter size also when said sign consists of fixed letters to the building facade.
1. Does the sign protrude less than 12 inches from the facade?
1. Does the awning have letters 16 inches or less?
3. Is the sign width 80% of the store width or less?
Is the sign higher than 14 ft but less than 22 ft?
2. Is the maximum height of the sign from ground level measured at building frontage to top of sign 14 ft?
The framing of an awning must not provide any opportunity for birds to perch beneath the canopy.
d. Galvanized sheet metal
9. If it is a retractable awning does it have a maximum projection of 6 ft?
c. Neon
i. Stained glass
a. Painted or carved wood
3. Does the awning only contain the name and logo in the upper section of the awning?
g. Clear and colored acrylic
8. Is the maximum projection from building facade for a fixed awning 3 ft?
10. Is the awning of a slope style (meaning angular) beginning flush at the top and sloping outwards as it proceeds downward?
e. Three-dimensionality is preferred over two-dimensional design
h. Neon, but restricted to ten percent of area inside window
a. Channel-letter (standard, reverse/halo, or open neon)
5. Does the sign only have the business name, logo street number?
7. Forms of Signage is it one of the following?:
d. Two-Dimensional Board
Expansion Size (Sq Ft)
Proposed new improvement(s)
Percentage Allowed
(Requires an Engineering Permit)
New Steps Proposed
Walkway(s) (Include pavers, exclude public side walk)
Miscellaneous Structure(s)
Sq footage of lot
Raised Patio
Driveway Area (Include Curbing)
Total for lot combined
(Requires a Building Permit)
Ground Level Patio
1. Existing on property
Patio (Include pavers)
Total Proposed
Pave Existing
Accessory Structure Total
(Requires a Building Permit)
Total Driveway Size (Sq Ft)
Footprint area of house (Include steps/landing)
Impervious Coverage
Total Allowed
Total Patio Size (Sq Ft)
Total Existing
Accessory Structure (If multiple, list each below)
Describe the type and size of new curbing proposed with driveway
(Existing + Proposed must be less than total allowed)
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The following documents are required based on the work proposed:
  1. New Principal Structure, Addition, Deck/Balcony, Pools, Fences, Sheds/Garages: One (1) copy of a survey location plan indicating the work proposed(s)
  2. Signs/Awnings: Detailed drawing with dimensions
  3. Zoning Verification: Verification Request Letters
  4. Paving, Patio, or Driveways: Impervious coverage calculation sheet. If your project involves cutting curb or distensing sidewalk, a permit from PW is required.
Certification & Fees
Application Fees: $20 for residential or $100 for commercial/mixed use, as a check made payable to “The City of Elizabeth”
Required Documents
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