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15. Guests checking out may take their trash to a designated Clean Bear site or place it in a provided trash can on the vacation rental property. *
5. Licensees making two or more late Transient Occupancy Tax submittals in a 12-month period are subject to which of the following penalties? *
12. All vehicles associated with a vacation rental property must always be parked in the legal parking spaces, driveway, or garage and never be parked in the street. *
17. An owner/agent is subject to a $500 fine if they fail to include the operational requirements of the ordinance in their rental agreement and post them in the unit so that they are visible to guests. *
16. Guests leaving their dogs at the vacation rental property are subject to a $500 fine if the dog disturbs the neighbors by incessantly barking. *
24. The city can utilize email delivery for all official correspondence including citations, renewal notices, tax forms, and regulatory changes. It is the responsibility of the owner and agent to ensure the city has the correct email address and to monitor the email account regularly. *
4. Once an application has been submitted for a vacation rental license, the owner or agent may begin advertising the property online and taking reservations even though a license has not yet been issued. *
2. A 24/7 agent receives a call from a Code Compliance Officer at 2:00 a.m. regarding loud noise from a party being conducted at a rental property they are responsible for. The agent has one hour to respond in person at the property. *
25. If an owner or agent is permitted to self-certify compliance with the vacation rental inspection checklist, then the city cannot inspect the property until the next renewal. *
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20. When advertising the vacation rental property for rent, all ads and online listings must include a valid license number issued by the city. *
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13. Amplified music must not be heard beyond the property line 24/7. *
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8. Guest check-ins may be performed in-person or by owner/agent’s choice of virtual means, and the responsible party must sign a Good Neighbor Policy prior to occupancy. *
22. The city may initiate revocation of a license after one violation of the ordinance. *
23. An owner or agent can advertise a vacation rental property as "self-check-in" on advertising sites. *
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18. If an owner hires an agent to manage their property, the owner cannot be fined for violations occuring at the property. *
14. A spa may be used by a vacation rental guest after 10:00 p.m. as long as they are quiet and do not disturb the neighbors. *
21. Operating a vacation rental without a valid license (or with an expired license) is subject to: *
10. Maximum occupancy limits do not apply during the hours of 9:00 a.m-10:00 p.m. *
9. The owner/agent is responsible to provide the Code Compliance Officer a copy or picture of the signed Good Neighbor Policy upon request. Failure to provide this will result in the owner/agent receiving citations for guest violations of the ordinance. *
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3. A 24/7 agent receives a call from a Code Compliance Officer at 2:00 p.m. regarding amplified music heard beyond the property line at a rental unit they are responsible for. The agent does not need to respond to this complaint because it is not after 10:00 p.m. and, therefore, loud music is permitted. *
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1. The vacation rental ordinance defines "agent" as a person or entity, who does not hold any interest in the property and who has authority to act on behalf of the owner. *
6. An owner may hold more than two vacation rental licenses as long as they are held in different LLC's or corporations. *
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7. A vacation rental property must always be in compliance with the city's codes relating to fire, building & safety, health & safety, zoning, lighting, and all other laws and regulations. *
11. A party or wedding that exceeds the maximum occupancy limit is allowed at a vacation rental property as long as the owner/agent provides notice to the neighbors 14-days in advance. *
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19. At their sole discretion, the city can audit and inspect properties and obtain all documents neccessary to perform the audit, including bank statements and tax returns to ensure the property is compliant with the ordinance. *