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Work may not begin until you receive a Permit Notification that your application has been approved. This notification will include your Permit Number.

Additionally, all work must have a Forms and Final inspection. All inspections must be scheduled at least 48 hours in advance by calling the Public Works Department at 937/837-1702. Please note our office hours indicated below.

The following items must be submitted with your Right-of-Way Permit Application (samples included in packet):

1. Contractors:

  1. Right-of-Way Opening Bond ($1,000.00 PER OPENING; minimum amount of $1,000.00); must equal total value of project.
  2. Certificate of Liability Insurance indicating the City of Trotwood as a certificate holder.

2. Owners/Private Citizens: Liability Waiver must be signed and accompanied with a refundable deposit in the amount of $50.00 payable to “City of Trotwood”. (The $50.00 fee can be included on the same check as the remaining permit fees.) Refunds will be processed after your Final Inspection.

3. Sketch or drawing of work to be performed.

4. Fees:

  1. Right-of-Way Permit (base fee PER OPENING for any work done in ROW)        $ 40.00 PER OPENING
  2. ROW Opening/Excavation, per lineal foot – ALL CONSTRUCTION                    $ 2.50 per lineal foot
  3. Water and/or Sewer Excavation, per lineal foot, EACH, ALL CONSTRUCTION  $ 1.00 per lineal foot, each
  4. Re-Inspection (must be paid prior to re-inspection)                                               $ 10.00

During construction:

  1. Approved barricades shall be in place for the duration of all projects.
  2. Debris or materials shall not be stored within the public right-of-way.
  3. All cuts shall be neat, straight sawcuts in the pavement of connecting concrete areas.
  4. Asphalt replacement to be made with hot mix of the required ODOT specification. Patching done with cold-mix shall be replaced prior to final inspection.
  5. All granular fill to be compacted with ODOT Item 304. NO PEA GRAVEL, PIT RUN OR SAND will be approved as base materials. Excavation shall not be covered until granular fill is approved by the Public Works Director or his authorized agent. All trenches or holes under or within the zone of influence of paved surfaces shall be backfilled with flowable fill or unshrinkable fill.
  6. All forms to be staked and oiled prior to requesting first inspection.
  7. Drive approaches shall be replaced in two (2) pours if curb and gutter are also being replaced. The first pour shall consist of the curb and gutter along with the 6” thick sidewalk section. The second pour will be the drive approach between the sidewalk and curb. Expansion material shall be placed as directed in accordance with City standards.
  8. All work shall be performed in an acceptable workmanlike manner. No shoddy, rough, uneven, or flawed work will be approved on second and final inspection. Restoration must be completed before final inspection is scheduled.
  9. All cold weather work (32 deg. F or lower) shall be performed with approval of the Engineer.
  10. Road or lane closure is not permitted unless specifically authorized. Those authorized must conform to the Ohio Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices.


Permits are processed during these hours:
Monday-Friday, 8:00 AM to 3:30 PM


Applicant/Contractor Information
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Street Opening/Excavation
Estimated Start Date
Linear Feet
Water Excavation
Sewer Excavation
Estimated Finish Date
Type Fee
Right-of-Way Permit (base fee PER OPENING for any work done in ROW) $40 PER OPENING
ROW Opening/Excavation, per lineal foot – ALL CONSTRUCTION $2.50 per linear foot
Water and/or Sewer Excavation, per lineal foot, EACH, ALL CONSTRUCTION $1.00 per linear foot, each
Re-Inspection (must be paid prior to re-inspection) $ 10.00
Deposit Fees (Refundable) $ 50.00
Base Permit Fee
Required Attachments
Attach Liability Waiver
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"I, the Applicant, certify that all information provided in this permit application is true, accurate, and complete to the best of my knowledge. I understand that any false statements or omissions may result in the rejection of this application and may subject me to penalties under applicable laws and regulations.

Furthermore, I acknowledge that by submitting this application, I agree to comply with all permit requirements, regulations, and standards set forth by the City of Trotwood/Public Works Department. I understand that failure to comply with these requirements may result in the revocation of the permit and/or additional enforcement actions.

I also understand that this permit does not relieve me of any obligations or responsibilities imposed by other laws, regulations, or agreements governing the project.

By signing below, I confirm that I have read and understood the terms of this certification and agree to abide by them."