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City of Trotwood, Ohio
Department of Planning & Development
3035 Olive Road, Trotwood, Ohio 45426-2600
Phone: (937) 854-7227 Fax: (937) 854-0574


 The applicant is urged to discuss with the City Zoning Administrator the nature and legal limits of such a request under the Zoning Ordinance prior to submittal of Conditional Use Application.
 The applicant should forward the following information to: City of Trotwood Board of Zoning Appeals c/o Zoning Administrator 3035 Olive Rd. Trotwood, Ohio 45436-2600

A. A complete application for Conditional Use Request.
B. A copy of a vicinity map of the area designating the site involved.
C. A copy of a site plan of the site involved, drawn to standard engineers scale of 1" = 20 feet.
The site plan can be a single line drawing and must show property lines and dimensions, location and dimensions of all buildings , and setbacks from lot lines. The applicant must also show on the site plan all of the applicable items listed below:

  •  Location of streets, sidewalks and rights-of-way adjacent to the property.
  •  Location and size of existing buildings and accessory structures.
  •  Location of drainage and utility easements.
  •  Location and number of driveway entrances and exits.
  •  Location of any other on-site landmarks affected by the Conditional Use Request.
  •  Location of regulatory floodplain if any portion of the parcel is located within a floodplain.
  •  Location and character of any display of goods and services.
  •  Location and character of proposed parking lot landscaping and screening, including on -site trash collection facilities.
  •  Proposed parking plan and on-site traffic circulation pattern including lane markings, directional signage, and dimensions.
  •  Preliminary storm water detention/retention facility and drainage calculation.
  •  Existing and post-construction contour lines (grading plan).
  •  Proposed public improvements, i.e. sidewalks, street widening, etc.

D. The application should also include the following information in order for the Board of Zoning Appeals to render its decision:

1. Photographs, pictures, drawings or renderings representing the design and character of the proposed building.
2. Photographs, pictures, drawings and/or plans representing the size, nature and lighting of proposed signs.
3. A narrative of statement of operation, including hours of operation and any other information that will explain the operation.
4. Other information as required under Section TCO 1133.04 for specific Conditional Uses.
5. Any other plans, brochures, pamphlets, or applicable material relating directly to the case.

E. A copy of the list of names and addresses of property owners within 300 feet of the site must accompany each application. These must be acquired from the Montgomery County Auditor’s Office in the Court House in Dayton, Ohio or at www.mcrealestate.org, (Click on “Search for Property Records.”)

F. Upon completion of review of the application for the Trotwood Board of Zoning Appeals, you will be notified in writing when the hearing date of your application is scheduled. Failure of applicant to attend the Public Hearing may result in a delay of a decision or cancellation of the case.

G. Applicant may withdraw the application during any stage of its processing by giving written notice to the Trotwood Board of Zoning Appeals; however, the application fee is non-refundable

Please refer to Instructions above and attach any and all documents applicable.
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