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Proper Zoning Review requires the completion of the data sheet. The “Proposed” column should include the NEW parameters which would result from building the NEW or EXISTING driveway.
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1. A property survey must be submitted with application
2. The Zoning data table must be filled out or application will be rejected.
(A) Lot Area---This is the actual square footage of the lot.
(B) Other Impervious Coverage---This is the square footage of all other impervious surfaces other than that created by Building Coverage.
1. Driveways and other paved areas, patios & walkways, tennis & basketball courts, areas with interlocking “paver”stones, etc.
2. Surface area of swimming pools, decks which do not allow free drainage of rainwater through to the ground underneath.
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The fee to process this application is one hundred ($100.00) dollars.