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New Registrations

  • Rabies Certificate valid through November 1st of the licensing year
  • Spayed/Neutered Certificate


  • Proof of new rabies vaccination (if rabies expires prior to November 1 of the licensing year)
All applications require a copy of the Rabies Vaccination Certificate showing it to be valid through through November 1st of the licensing year to the application when filed. Cats incapable of being inoculated are exempted when certified in writing by a duly licensed veterinarian. Original exemption letter or NJ VPH-28 CERTIFICATE OF EXEMPTION FROM RABIES VACCINATION FORM is required. Please upload attachments as PDF, JPG, or JPEG.
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Please monitor your e-mail for the Payment Request e-mail.
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Spayed/Neutered Cat $10.00
Unaltered Cat $16.00

Late fee of $10 starts on July 1st.
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