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Application Fee

Required Attachments

  1. Site Plan

Zoning Amendment

  1. Justification Letter

Preliminary PUD

  1. Survey of the entire development site
  2. Sketch plans at a scale of 1”=200ft.
  3. Evidence of water/sewer access & capacity
  4. Traffic Analysis
  5. Tree Survey
  6. Intended uses
  7. Time Schedule
  8. Agent Form

Preliminary Plat

  1. Detailed plat plan at a scale of 1” -100ft
  2. Utility Plans
  3. Landscaping Plan
  4. Clearing & Grubbing Plan
  5. Development Schedule

Final PUD

  1. Detailed site plan at a scale of 1”=100ft
  2. Parking Analysis
  3. Structure Details
  4. Proposed Streets detail with ROW
  5. Fire hydrants/building connection
  6. Proposed street widening and turn lane improvements
  7. Landscaping detail plan
  8. Lighting Plan
  9. Open Space Plan
  10. Covenants for private infrastructure

Final Plat

  1. Final Plat drawing Certified by Professional Engineer
  2. Parcel number listing
  3. Street dedication documents
  4. Owner Certification
  5. Statement of conformance to County Plat recording
  6. Grading & Utility Plans
  7. Water, Sewer, Storm drainage calculations
  8. Estimate cost for tree planting
  9. Estimate for Public Improvements
  10. Improvement Bond