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Spayed/Neutered Dog $11.00
Unaltered Dog $14.00
Senior Rate (Age of owner) SPAYED/NEUTERED $5.00
Senior Rate (Age of owner) UNSPAYED/UNNEUTERED $8.00
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March $10.00 August $35.00
April $15.00 September $40.00
May $20.00 October $45.00
June $25.00 November $50.00
July $30.00 December $55.00
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Spayed/Neutered 1 Year Dog $12.00
Non Spayed/Neutered 1 Year Dog $16.00
Spayed/Neutered 3 Year Dog $30.00
Non Spayed/Neutered 3 Year Dog $40.00
Dogs that are over seven (7) months old or with permanent teeth must be licensed within 10 days of acquisition, including foster animals.

As of March 1st a late fee will be applied for any unlicensed pet. In addition to the licensing fee you will be charged a late fee.

Note that payment must be received in full before a Dog License and Registration Tags can be issued.
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