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The Undersigned does hereby appoint the Borough Clerk of the Borough of Lodi as the Applicant's true and lawful attorney to accept service of process issuing out of any Court of competent jurisdiction.

The undersigned agrees to be available and provide for the services required pursuant to this Ordinance and to abide with all of the fee or other requirements herein during the term of applicant's license, including any renewal of same and during the period it provides services to the Borough, pursuant to this Ordinance and any other applicable ordinancne of the Borough of Lodi.

The undersigned consents to permit the Borough of Lodi to investigate and obtain, for purposes of this Ordinance only, a criminal background check and driving abstract.

undersigned agrees that the relationship between the licensed tower and the Borough is one of an independent contractor. Neither party shall be construed in any manner whatsoever to be an employee of the other, nor shall any employee or agent of any party be construed to be an employee or agent of the other party. Inclusion in the licensed towers list shall not be construed or considered as a joint venture, partnership, association, contract of employment or profit-sharing agreement between the parties.

The Undersigned hereby certifies that all information in the within application is true and accurate as of the date below
Type Fee
Towing Establishment $262.50
Per tow truck $52.50
Annual License $1000
Annual Operator fee: $100

Please Provide the following if applicable or not provided earlier in the form:

  1. A list of every locality for which the tower holds, or has held in the last five (5) years, a police towing license.
    This list shall also disclose any complaints registered by the public or others concerning the applicant's performance within such other jurisdiction.
    1. Copy of the deed to the storage area and, if separate from the storage area, office premises.
    2. If either or both are leased, a copy of the lease and certification of good standing of the lease signed by the property owner.

  2. Current survey, not older than one (1) year and photos of the storage and office premises of the applicant.

  3. Descriptive list (make, model, year) of all vehicles owned by the applicant which are to be used for the services, setting forth the vehicle identification number and license registration number of each vehicle:
    1. If the vehicle is leased, a copy of the written lease instrument confirming it is available for use during the license period.
    2. Declaration pages of all insurance policies.
    3. A list of all persons who shall be designated as drivers for the applicant, with their driver license numbers .
Amount Due
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