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163 Carranza Road
Tabernacle, NJ 08088
(609) 268-1220
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BUSINESS REGISTRATION Anyone operating a business, whether from a commercial establishment or home, is required to register their business with the township as per Ordinance 1990-5 & 2. A business is defined as all corporations, partnerships, limited partnerships, proprietorships, individuals and/or the directors, shareholders, partners or owners thereof. First time registration requires that a Business and Industry Registration Form be completed and returned to the attention of the Municipal Clerk's Office along with a fee of $35.00 (checks are payable to Tabernacle Township). This registration does not constitute Township approval of the applicant's business, nor does it exempt the applicant from any required permits, certificates or variances. A business is required to annually re-register pursuant to Ordinance 2002-8. Pursuant to Tabernacle Township Ordinance 2008-7 amending its municipal fees, the registration renewal will be $10.00 if paid by January 31st and where there is no change in the information submitted on the registration, send a letter to the Municipal Clerk, by January 31st of the applicable year. You will be certifying that there is no change in the information. A $2.00 per month late fee will be assessed effective February 1st. Postmark is not acceptable. Should any changes occur, a business is required to resubmit a new Business and Industry Registration Form indicating the appropriate changes. The renewal fee shall remain $10.00. Please be advised that registration does not constitute approval of the business nor does it exempt the applicant from any required permits, certificates or variances. All business owners must contact the Zoning Office (609) 268-1665 for any approvals of a business in Tabernacle.
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