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We will have a new logo and or lettering on all uniforms. They will be the same type and sizes so we need to get accurate counts for our orders. You will no longer be able to wear previous uniforms. We will give you enough shirts to cover the shifts asigned.
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Rules and Regulations For All Beachfront Staff
By signing this form I am indicating that I have read, and I understand, all of the rules and procedures I am required to follow as a condition of my employment
  • Employees are required to be:friendly, helpful and courteous to all visitors. You are required to make eye contact and cheerfully greet everyone as they enter and thank them for coming when they leave.
  • Employees are required to keep their work area clean and free of litter. This means sweeping and picking up litter on the decking, stairs, ramps and boardwalk in front of your assigned gate all the way to the street. Gate relief persons are required to sweep the concrete areas and steps at each gate the work at
  • Employees are required to be focused on their job and facing the visitors. Employees should not be distracted from their jobs therefore you are not allowed to read, text message, use your phone, talk with your :friends, listen to music with earbuds or earphones, etc. unless there are no patrons around at all. If you are seen doing this and ignoring any patron you will be warned once, then your employment will be terminated.
  • Employees are required to use the equipment supplied by the Borough of Belmar (i.e., umbrella, chair, etc.). Personal chairs are not allowed unless a supervisor has given you permission to do so. You must be facing the street side of the boardwalk - not the ocean side. Employees should never sit on the decking or railings
  • Employees are required to report for work on their assigned day regardless of the weather conditions. If, for any reason, employees are dismissed early, they will be paid only for those hours actually worked (minimum of 3 hours).
  • All employees are required to be at your sign in location by 8:50 AM every day and you are the only person that can sign you in. You are required to indicate their post for the day and what time they arrived. If you arrive after that you are late. If you , are late more than once you will be warned and the next time your employment will be terminated.
  • You must be at your assigned gate or booth, set up, and ready to begin the workday by 9:00 AM. All Beachfront Staff are required to sign in on the Daily Time Sheets at each booth and to indicate their post for the day and what time they arrived.
  • For gate attendants that means chair setup and your umbrella up and secured. You should then make sure your area is clean and then begin sweeping the decking, steps, and ramps.
  • For ticket booth cashiers this means money and badges are setup and the window is open for selling badges.
  • For relief persons this means assisting other staff members with the morning setup. Afterwards you must remain at the sign in location until it is time to begin providing breaks.
  • You are not to leave your gate entrance until 3:45 or 4:45 unless directed by a supervisor to do so. Gate Relief persons are to assist other staff members in returning their equipment to the booths. If your equipment is stored, you may leave at 3:50 or 4:50-no sooner.
  • You are all to be properly dressed. No rips, tears and especially no stains
  • Tan, khaki or navy blue shorts, pants or skirt- NO EXCEPTIONS. NEW uniform shirt- NO EXCEPTIONS. You will also be provided with a uniform hat and jacket should you wish to wear one while working
  • You are not to wear any of the old uniforms at any time. It is your responsibility to make sure your uniform is clean and presentable. If hired you will get adequate shirts based on the number of shifts you are assigned.
  • Employees are to be on time when returning from breaks
  • If you cannot work an assigned shift, you must find a replacement using the new substitute list. If you have ao immediate emergency and you cannot call a replacement, call the beachfront director as soon as possible on the beach cell phone - do not email or text message. If you are not feeling well and do not think you can make it through the day- call a replacement.
  • If you leave the beachfront before the end of the day as stated above - you will be warned and the next time your employment will be terminated.
  • Employees are required to follow all Borough of Belmar regulations including paying for parking if they are parked along the boardwalk and not smoking on the boardwalk or beach unless it is a designated smoking area. Smoking may only be done during your official break or lunch times.
  • No patron should enter the beach without a seasonal badge, a military ID, or a daily badge AND a whole or a half ticket (unless they have an Active Military ID or Monmouth County Municipality Fire / First Aid Volunteer ID).
  • When a person buys a daily badge, they get a daily ticket that they are to give to the gate attendant. Daily tickets must be torn in half. When they leave the beach FOR ANY REASON they are to get half of ticket to give back to you when they return.
  • The use, possession, distribution, trade or sale of alcohol beverages or drugs while working for the Borough of Belmar, or while on the Borough's municipal premises, or being under the influence of alcohol or drugs during working hours or while on the Borough's municipal premises is strictly prohibited. The prohibition against reporting to work under the influence of alcohol or drugs includes reporting back to work after breaks or lunch. Any Borough employee engaging in such activity will be subject to serious disciplinary action, up to and including discharge.
  • Failure to comply with the work rules, job descriptions aod expectations of employees outlined above will result in a warning from a supervisor. Failing to comply a third time will result in termination.