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City of Trotwood, Ohio Department of Planning & Development
3035 Olive Road, Trotwood, Ohio 45426-2600
Phone: (937) 854-7227
Fax: (937) 854-0574
  • Permit Instructions
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  • Details
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When is an Event permit required?
  • Prior to erecting a tent in any zoning district in the City of Trotwood.

  • Prior to commencing any carnival, fair, circus or festival within any General Business or Regional Business District in the City of Trotwood. Such use is not allowed in other Zoning Districts.

  • What do I have to do to receive a permit?
  • Complete a Event Permit application and submit to the Zoning Administrator’s Office along with a drawing showing the location of the proposed activity or use on the property.

  • The information on the application should be in compliance with the requirements of Section 1189.09 of the Zoning Code.

  • What’s the next step?
  • When review of the application is completed you will be notified by Email that the application has been approved and the permit may be picked up, or that additional information is required. The review period is normally a minimum of three (3) business days.

  • Additional permits?
  • Discuss the need for other permits with the Zoning Administrator’s Office. You also need a Trotwood fire department license for food truck permit

  • Note: if using a City park, you must reserve the facility through the Trotwood Public Works department (937-837-1702).

  • Questions?
  • If you have any questions a staff member in the Zoning Administrator’s Office is available to assist you Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. at 937.854.7227
  • Event Permit Instructions
    If the applicant or host organization is not the property owner of record, you must submit permission from the owner granting use of the property for the event as described in this application. Complete and attach an Agent Form or written permission to this application.
    Property Owner
    Benefitting Charity
    Are you a church?
    Benefitting Charity Name
    Full Name
    Phone #
    Is this a charity event? If "Yes", List the name, address, and contact
    Primary Contact
    Mailing City, State, ZIP
    Secondary Contact Information
    Is the host organization a
    not-for-profit (501C) entity?
    Phone #
    Affiliation/title with Host Organization
    Host Organization
    Phone #
    Phone #
    Affiliation/title with Host Organization
    Mailing Address
    Full Name
    If "No", Cost of Admission
    Set-up Date & Time
    Would you like to share your event with the Trotwood City Council and Chamber of Commerce?
    TCIC Property Rental?
    Venue Capacity
    # of Vendors, Peddlers, and Participants
    End Date & Time
    Event Description
    Event Type
    Start Date & Time
    Event Title
    Rain Date & Time
    Is this an annual event?
    Is the event free & open to the public?
    Dismantle Date & Time
    Estimated Attendance Total
    Number of Trash Receptacles on Site During the Event
    Will portable restrooms be brought in for the event? If yes, list the Sanitation Company
    Describe your plan for cleanup and removal of garbage during and after the event.
    Sign Size (L)
    If "Yes", you must obtain a Temporary Use Permit from the city.
    # of ADA Restrooms
    Delivery Date
    Sign Size (W)
    If "Yes", you must obtain a Temporary Sign Permit from the city.
    Do you believe your event is exempt from the restroom requirement? If Yes, please specify the exemption reason below.
    Will you use roll-on dumpsters?
    (Minimum of 1 Required)
    Does the event have promotional signage?
    # of Regular Restrooms
    Removal Date
    Will guests have access to restroom facilities that are already on site?
    No signs are to be placed in the Right-of-Ways. Signs must be removed within 24 hours after the event.
    Sanitation Company Name
    # of Generators
    If "Yes", list company
    If "Yes", list company
    Explain how medical care will be supplied if necessary
    Will you request Trotwood Police's Assistance? (This incurs significant fees).
    Explain how parking will be handled
    Will you use a licensed professional security company?
    Length of Cords
    Will you use licensed first aid company?
    Will you require use of electricity? If "Yes", list details below.
    # of Electric Cords
    First Aid
    Number of ADA compliant parking spaces
    Will any vehicles remain on site overnight?
    Explain how security at the event will be handled
    Will you request Trotwood Fire & Rescue's Assistance? (This incurs significant fees).
    Tent Details
    If "Yes", you must complete the accompanying Event Planner Form from Trotwood Fire & Rescue and submit to Fire & Rescue no later than two weeks before the scheduled event.
    If "Yes", # of expected food trucks
    Food Truck
    If "Yes", you must obtain a tent permit from the city for each individual tent.
    Will food, beverages, or other consessions be availabe?
    Owner Email
    Food Truck name
    Tent Location
    **Stages must be permitted by Montgomery County Building (937-225-4622). Contact this department to inquire about required inspections.**
    Owner Name
    Number of Stages
    Will the event feature live music?
    Will you use any tents Larger Than 10x10?
    Tent Width
    Number of Performers/Bands
    Owner Phone#
    Tent Length
    Trotwood Fire Dept Permit #
    **Tents larger than 100 ft squared and tents with flaps often require inspections by Montgomery County Building (937-225-4622) as well as Trotwood Fire & Rescue (937-854-7270). You must contact these departments to inquire about needed inspections.**
    Will a DJ play music?
    Will food and beverage vendors be charged a fee?
    If "Yes", complete details:
    Will food trucks be attending this event?
    **Food vendors and food trucks must be certified by the Montgomery County Public Health Department (937-225-5700) and must have an annual inspection by Trotwood Fire & Rescue (937-854-7270) in order to participate in events. Please direct your food vendors to contact these departments.*

    Click "Select Files..." below to attach any and all required documents.

    In order for your application to be accepted for review, you must attach a site plan of the event grounds. A site plan is a map with an overhead view of the event site that shows the arrangement features of the site and activities to take place.

    Please ensure your site plan contains the following information and locations, clearly labeled, by completing the below checklist:

    • Legend containing the event name, site address, dates and hours of the event, the organizer's name and contact number, north arrow, scale of map (e.g. 1"=10')
    • Nearest street or intersection
    • Parking areas and any overflow lots
    • ADA & handicap parking areas
    • All points of ingress and egress
    • Any roadway or path blockages, such as cones or gates
    • Emergency access road into the site (ingress and egress for emergency vehicles)
    • EMS staging area and medical/first aid stations
    • Fire extinguisher locations
    • Generator locations and any sources of power for electrical
    • Police or security staging areas
    • Security checkpoints
    • Lost & found
    • All tents
    • All vendors, concessions, food trucks, tables, and booths
    • Stages, DJs, and speakers
    • Any other activity areas
    • Restroom facilities
    • Dumpsters and trash receptacles
    • Promotional signage for the event


    Applicants/ Organizations are required to possess liability insurance. Liability insurance must be in the amount of at least one million dollars and coverage must be active during the scheduled event. You must provide a copy of your liability insurance to the City. If you fail to provide this documentation, this event will not be approved.

    • Attach a copy of your liability insurance


    • Promotional Signage? Attach a copy of the Temporary Sign Permit
    • Roll-on Dumpsters? Attach a copy of the Temporary Use Permit
    • Applicant/Host not property owner? Attach an Agent Form or written permission
    Type Full Name :
    Sign With Hand
    TCIC Rental Fee
    Is this a city-sponsored event?
    Permit Fee
    Amount Due
    I certify that all facts, information, and attachments to this application are true and correct to the best of my knowledge, and that I have not misrepresented any information

    I certify that the event will be open to all citizens and that individuals will not be barred from participation due to national origin, color, religion, language, gender identity, age, sexual orientation, or physical impairment.

    I understand that the person(s) and organization conducting the event assumes in writing the oibligations of paying the costs required for the City of Trotwood permits, inspections, and rental fees. This may include costs of Planning & Development personnel, Police personnel, Fire & Rescue personnel, Public Works personnel, and any other municipal personnel.

    I understand that the person(s) and organization conducting the event assumes all fees and fines if the site of the event and related properties are not adequately operated, cleaned, and restored per City standards.

    I agree to secure all necessary city, county, and state permits and licesnses required for this event and the activities therein.

    I agree to abide by conditions set forth by the City of Trotwood, Trotwood Police, Fire & Rescue, and Planning & Development departments.
    Application Fee
    Applicant Signature