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Water Department

Final Water Bill Reading: 72 hours prior to your closing, you must call Suez for final reading at (855) 367-6708.

PLEASE NOTE: Water charges are lienable and must be paid before closing

Low Voltage Fire Alarm Systems

Any Low Voltage Smoke Detector Alarm System which is used as a PRIMARY alarm system in the residence must have an inspection done by a qualified technician within 12 months of the application for Certificate of Compliance.

Proof of this inspection must be available to the Borough of Allendale Fire Inspector at the time of inspection for the Certificate of Compliance

Zoning Inspection

The Zoning Officer wil review the property office files and inspect the property for compliance for the following:
  • Exterior
    • Pool/Pool Fence - permanent fence, min 4ft with self-latching, lockable gates.
    • Visual Exterior Building Inspection
    • Sidewalks will be inspected cracks and change in elevation that creates trip hazards. They will be required to be replaced prior to closing.
    • House number must be clearly visible from street.
  • Interior
    • Any open Building Permits.

Requirements for installation of Smoke Alarms, Carbon Monoxide Alarms and Fire Extinguishers

Smoke Alarms:

  1. Shall be installed on each level of the premises and within ten (10) feet of each separate sleeping area.
  2. Smoke alarms shall be listed in accordance with ANSI/UL 217. Combination smoke and carbon monoxide alarms are acceptable.
  3. Installation and maintenance of smoke alarms shall be in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions and NFPA 72
  4. Smoke alarms installed in the basement or to protect a level without a separate sleeping area shall be located in close proximity to the stairway leading to the floow above.
  5. Effective January 1, 2019 - Ten year sealed battery-powered single smoke alarms shall be installed where no smoke alarms or detection devices exist or when replacing similar battery-powered single station smoke alarms. However, A/C - powered single or multiple-station smoke alarms installed as part of the original construction or rehabilitation project shall not be replaced with battery-powered smoke alarms.
  6. Replace smoke alarms that are older than ten (10) years or as per the manufacturer's recommendation
Carbon Monoxide Alarms:
  1. Shall be installed in each separate sleeping area.
  2. Carbon monoxide alarms shall be listed in accordance with UL-2034. Combination smoke and carbon monoxide alarms are acceptable.
  3. Installation of carbon monoxide alarms shall be in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions.
  4. Replace carbon monoxide alarms that are older than five to seven (5-7) years depending on the manufacturer.
Portable Fire Extinguisher:
  1. The extinguisher shall be within ten (10) feet of the kitchen and located in the path of egress;
  2. The extinguisher shall be readily accessible and not obstructed from view;
  3. The extinguisher shall be mounted using the manufacturer's hanging bracket so the operating instructions are clearly visible;
  4. The extinguisher shall be an approved listed and labeled type with a minimum rating of 2A-10B:C and no more than ten (10) pounds;
  5. The owner's manual or written operation instructions shall be provided during the inspection and left for the new occupant;
  6. The extinguisher shall be serviced and tagged by a certified Division of Fire Safety contractor within the past twelve (12) months or the seller must have a receipt for a recently purchased extinguisher; and
  7. The top of the extinguisher shall not be more than five (5) feet above the floor.
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