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No Knock Registration
§ 310-6 No-Knock Registry.
  1. The Township Clerk shall prepare a list of addresses of those premises where the owner and/or occupant has notified the Clerk that canvassing, peddling, itinerant vending, and door-to-door sales enterprises are not permitted on the premises (hereinafter referred to as the Jackson Township "No-Knock" Registry"). Notification shall be completion of a form available at the Township Clerk's office during normal business hours. The list shall be updated monthly.
  2. Any owner and/or occupant who has requested enlistment on the Jackson Township No-Knock Registry pursuant to Subsection A herein shall be able to procure from the Clerk's office a sticker for display at his/her/its premises indicating enlistment on the Jackson Township No-Knock Registry. The first sticker shall be provided free of charge and may be picked up in person during regular business hours. If a replacement sticker is required, the individual may pick up a replacement at the Clerk's office at no charge. All previously issued stickers that reference Jackson Township Ordinance No. 41-08 shall remain in full force and effect.

    [Amended 10-25-2016 by Ord. No. 25-16]

  3. The Township Clerk shall distribute the current Jackson Township No-Knock Registry to a licensee at the time of issuance of a license to peddle, canvass, itinerant vend or otherwise door-to-door sell, pursuant to the provisions of this chapter. The licensee shall not peddle, canvass, itinerant vend or conduct door-to-door sales at any premises identified on the then-current Jackson Township No-Knock Registry.
  4. Although the most current list of registrants on the Jackson Township "No Knock" Registry shall be provided by the Township Clerk, it is the responsibility of the canvasser, itinerant vendor, or solicitor to have the most up-to-date list prior to performing their business.
  5. Any canvasser, peddler, itinerant vendor, or owner or employee of a door-to-door sales enterprise who violates any provision of this section, if convicted, shall be:
    1. Subject to a maximum ordinance violation fine of $1,250 for the first offense;
    2. Subject to 90 days in the county jail or in any place provided by the municipality for the detention of prisoners, for any term not exceeding 90 days for any offense thereafter; and
    3. Subject to a permanent revocation of any license issued under the within chapter.
  6. Current Jackson Township No-Knock registrants are protected against the canvassing, itinerant vending, or soliciting activities regulated by this chapter without having to reregister.
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