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The Department of Recreation, Natural Resources and Culture will allow communities to open fire hydrants, between July 1st and August 31st, supplying a wrench to open the hydrant and a sprinkler nozzle to reduce the water force. A $25.00 fee is required. A $40.00 refundable deposit for each barricade plus a fee of $5.00 per barricade will be charged. Opening of hydrants without commission from the Department of Recreation, Natural Resources and Culture is illegal, dangerous and potentially deadly.
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$40 refundable deposit
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1) The permittee shall be responsible for all damages that occur to the fire hydrant and/or water mains, as a result of the permittee's negligence.

2) A permit shall be obtained PRIOR to any connection to a hydrant.

3) The permittee's copy of this permit shall be kept at the location of the event and shall be presented to any employee by the City of Trenton.

4) Each permit shall be for the stated purpose, time frame, and shall apply only to fire hydrants listed on this permit.

5) The name, address, telephone number of the responsible person and the lcoation of the fire hydrant will be submitted to the Water Department, Fire Department and the Director of Police.

6) An adult must be responsible for blocking off the street with barricades. Payment of fee, arrangements for set-up, pick up, and return of barricades must be made directly to the Division of Traffic and Transportation located in City Hall at (609) 989-3612.
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Must be submitted 4-6 weeks prior to the date of event.
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Department of Recreation
Natural Resources and Culture
319 East State St., 1st Floor
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