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If this is a Seasonal rental, attach a Parking Diagram. For Annual rentals, attach a Copy of the Signed Tenant Lease. For seasonal rentals please attach list of any agents negotiating the tenancy of the rental.
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Details on this agent and/or any other negotiating the tenancy of the rental should be added in the attachment section below in a PDF or Word document.
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Does the owner state that neither the property or the individual applicant, or any entity that the individual applicant has been a member/owner of, has had any prior violations of any Borough ordinance since January 1, 2022 and that there are no pending complaints awaiting a hearing? *
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If the owner is not residing in Point Pleasant Beach, then the name and address of the agent of the owner of the premises residing in or having an office in Point Pleasant Beach who is authorized to accept mailed service of any notice or order and to comply with the same on behalf of the owner must be provided.
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Does the owner request waiver of the short-term rental rules for the September 30th to May 15th season?
If requesting a short-term rental waiver, will the owner be actually present and living in Point Pleasant Beach during the period of their request?
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I submit the following information in reference to N.J.S.A 46:8-28 regarding the above referenced property. I certify the information to be true and accurate.
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Please add owner information here, including if the rental business is owned by a partnership, LLC, Corporation or other business relationship, provide the names of all general partners, registered agents, members, and or corporate offices. All owners must be provided to show 100% ownership.
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If this is an annual rental application all the tenant information should be filed out below. If this is a seasonal application any tenant information available today should be filled out below. If you have information on new seasonal tenants as the year progress you must email that information to building@pointbeach.org before the tenant occupies the rental. (Tenant names, permeant address, dates of rental.)
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Enter Street Number and portion of street name (Ex: 123 main) and press Enter to begin search:
If the owner or owners do not reside in Point Pleasant Beach there needs to be an agent of the owner residing in or having an office in Point Pleasant Beach who is authorized to be the emergency contact.
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Does the owner of a multi-unit dwelling request waiver of the short-term rules for the May 15th to September 30th season?
Failure to provide tenant names, permeant address, date of rental prior to all rental dates willresult in summons.
When found guilty owner shall be denied from renting any property in which they hold interest for 2 years.
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