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-If applying for a plumbing permit, please use the following links for the required application to fill out and attach:
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If applying for a plumbing permit, kindly check the attachments section for the Plumbing Permt application required to be filled out and attached to this application
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SSWD Disposal
New Industrial Structure
Foundation Type
Moving Existing Structure
If a new mobile home, proof of sales tax paid is required. If used, proof of property tax, water and sewer account status is required
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Plumbing Permit Application
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Timber Harvesting
Tank Replacement
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-If applying for a plumbing permit, please visit our Supplemental web page to find the required application to fill out and attach. The Supplemental Page is found at this link.
(6) Sketch Location Plan Indicating Where this Activity is Proposed on the Site
Application Fee
(3) Approximate location and setbacks for relevant existing structures.
Estimated Fees
(5) Copy of Vehicle Registration (if applicable)
Drawings are expected to be submitted on separate sheets and should show enough detail to support required findings by the CEO.
Total Fee
(4) Copy of Driver's License
(2) Fire Chief Review
(3) Permission Letter from Property Owner
(1) Nearby property lines and relevant dimensions of your lot.
(6) Location of well, septic tank and leach field, if any.
Per MUBC, floor plans and framing plans are required for all proposed structures.
(2) Roads and Driveways.
Signature and Seal by a licensed design professional may be required in instances where the CEO requests such information to document structural integrity.
To the best of my knowledge, all information submitted on this application is correct. I agree to comply with the Town of Rockport’s Ordinances and applicable State laws, including the Maine Uniform Building Code. I hereby grant permission to the representatives of the Planning & Development Department to make necessary amendments to this application where necessary to carry out the purpose of the permit, as well as perform necessary inspections to ensure compliance.
(4) Nearby water bodies including brooks, wetlands, and ponds.
(5) Approximate location and setbacks from property lines of all proposed structures or additions.
-If applying for a Food Truck Permit or Peddlers Permit, please attach the following:
(1) Police Chief Review