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The following guidelines are provided to assist groups and organizations with the event application process and provide information.

Events are things such as:

*Events in Township of Maplewood Buildings

*Events in Public Roadways

*Events in Township Parks

*Sidewalk Sales

A. General Information of all Events 

1.) The Township requires advance notification of 30 days for any event.

2.) Insurance – A certificate of insurance in the amount of $1,000,000.00 is required, to be submitted prior to the event. The Township of Maplewood MUST be named as “Additional Insured”.

3.) The following Township Departments will review your application once submitted to the Township Clerk.

        A.) Business Administrator – Administration

        B.) Police Chief – Police Department

        C.) Fire Chief – Fire Department

        D.) Health Officer – Health Department

        E.) Director of Public Works – Public Works Department

        F.) Code Enforcement Officer – Building Department

        G.) Director of Recreation and Cultural Affairs - Recreation Department 

4.) Each application for an event permit shall be accompanied by a non-refundable fee of $25.00

5.) If you require barricades, cones, no parking signs, etc. – this request must be submitted on your application. A deposit of $25.00 is required at time of application for use of Township barricades.

6.)Each application for an event permit shall be accompanied by a $50.00 deposit for recycling containers which will be provided by DPW.

7.) If you have food at your event. Food Services shall adhere to Health Department regulations. Non Maplewood Food vendors may be issued a one day license. Contact the Health Department for further detailed information and the Township Clerk for an application.

8.)A map or sketch of facility or park must be included with application.

B. Guidelines for Games of Chance (Bingo and Raffle Licenses)

1.) A copy of valid registration certificate bearing the Organizations name and ID Number must be presented at the time of application for Bingo and Raffle license is requested A qualified organization MUST receive an identification number from the Control Commission prior to making an application for bingo or Raffle License in the municipality where the games are to be conducted.

2.) The license application is filed in quadruplicate. It must be signed by at least two different members and notarized.

3.) An application must include any all necessary attachments (Such as schedule of games for bingo, equipment lessor statement, a sample ticket/calendar, list of wheels and games, statement of landlord and required fees).

4.) Fee is paid to the Township and Legalized Games and Chance Control Commission (LGCCC), fee depends on value of prizes offered.

5.) Off-premise raffle: need two copies of sample ticket, 50/50 raffle-1/2 of proceeds go to winner.

6.) Merchandise must be legal prize.

7.) Approximately four weeks are needed to process applications, depending on when the application is brought in.

8.) Canister Drives – Non-profit organizations may apply for a permit if this is a part of the event by contacting the Township Clerk. 

C. Rental of Township Facilities

1.) Applications should be filed at least four (4) weeks in advance of the time facility usage is desired.

Building Rental and Contact Information:

Maplewood Community Center….........................(973) 763-5287

Burgdorff Cultural Center..........................................(973) 843-7157

Maplewood Memorial Library.................................. (973) 762-1622

Hilton Branch Library ..................................................(973) 762-1688

The Woodland ............................................................(973) 843-7157

D. Park Reservations for Groups/Organizations

For availability (973) 762 8120 ext.4004

1.) Open flames or burning of fires for the purpose of cooking food for human consumption in Township Parks and Playgrounds is not permitted. You may picnic with sandwiches and non-grilled items. Large groups should contact the Recreation Department for reservation of space.

2.) Consumption of alcoholic beverages in Municipal facilities and parks is strictly prohibited. (Some building exemptions) Contact the Township clerk for regulations and requirements.

3.) The Township of Maplewood takes great pride in its buildings and parks. Residents are reminded that they should leave facilities and grounds as they found them. Please utilize our garbage cans and recycling bins. Maplewood Recycles!

F. Banners

Banner program discontinued

Event Guidelines
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Are you serving Alcohol?
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Permit Fee
$50.00 For recycling containers which will be provided by DPW.
$25.00 If barricades, cones, no parking signs, etc are required.
$25.00 Non-refundable application fee.
*Certificate of Insurance (pursuant to Municipal Ordinance, a Certificate of Insurance in the amount of $1,000,000.00 must accompany this application)
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