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The following individuals are eligible to receive a certified copy as long as proof of relationship is submitted:
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Parents, Legal Guardian, Legal representative
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Tax Return or W-2 for current/previous tax year
Power of Attorney if proof is provided (must be power of attorney for individual on vital record)
Utility bill (within the previous 90 days)
People who are homeless can have a social worker or the coordinator of the homeless shelter where they are temporarily residing submit a request on their behalf. The request must be on the agency letterhead and provide the identifying information on the homeless person's vital record. The request must be accompanied by proof of employment by the agency and valid identification. The resulting copy of the vital record will be mailed to the agency.
To Request a Certified Copy of a Birth, Marriage, Civil Union, Domestic Partnership or Death Record
Vehicle insurance card
County ID
Immigrant visa
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Permanent Resident Card (Green card)
Fill in the appropriate tabs that apply to the documents being requested.
Please verify what town the event took place in. Certified copies of vital records are provided by the municipality where the event took place. A certification or certified copy of a vital record is available upon application only with proof of identity.
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Present your completed application, valid proofs of identity, and payment of $15.00 for each certified copy requested.
You must provide acceptable ID in order to obtain a copy of any vital record. If you are requesting the copy by mail, the copy will be mailed only to the address listed on your identification.
Grandparents are not eligible to received certified copies of vital records unless authorization is given by the biological parents.
Voter registration
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Request for Certified Copy of Vital Statistic Record
The fee due is $15.00 per each certified copy requested.
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Spouse, Civil Union or Domestic Partner
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b) A current, valid driver’s license without photo AND one alternate form of ID with current address OR
People who are incarcerated can provide legal imprisonment, conviction or release documents that include the name, social security number and all possible aliases used in the past or identification from a prison/probation official.
School ID
Certified Copies cannot be issued in response to a subpoena, only via a Court Order.
a) A current, valid photo driver's license or photo non-driver's license with current address OR
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Proof of Relationship
Bank statement (within previous 90 days)
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Acceptable Forms of ID
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Vehicle registration
c) Two alternate forms of ID, one of which must have current address.
Application Checklist: Please make sure all required information are enclosed and completed.
Alternate forms of ID are:
  • Request
  • Birth
  • Death
  • Marriage, Civil Union or Domestic Partnership
(Proof is required for certified copy)
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