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No person, firm, associtation or corporation shall relocate, fill, grade, excavate, store, remove or import any soil or fill in excess of the amount set forth in § 285-8A of this Municipal Code to, from or within the Township of South Orange Village without obtaining a permit from the Township of South Orange Village.

The undersigned has read and understands Township of South Orange Village Code regarding soil movement activities, and agrees to abide by those provisions, and is responsible for the action and work of contractors or those employed to undertake soil movement activities.

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Please attach a map of all premises affected and for which the permit is sought, showing the existing topographical contour lines of the land involved and abutting lands and roads, the proposed topographical contour grades which will result from the intended work and the location on the premises of all buildings presently existing or planned and any other required documents.
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(Revised 4-17-19)

A. MINOR soil disturbance. The Construction Official can issue a permit, provided the work is for:

    1. The reconstruction, replacement or repair of existing retaining walls, footings or foundations that do not require regrading of the property as defined in Subsection B, Major soil disturbance permit.
    2. Building additions, decks, patios, walks, driveways and swimming pools on single-family and twofamily properties that do not require extensive regrading of the property as defined in Subsection B, Major soil disturbance permit.
    3. Landscaping improvements that include minor regrading and new retaining walls less than four feet high.
    4. For a minor soil disturbance permit, a flat fee of $25 shall accompany the permit application.
    5. See page 4 for permit review/approval.

B. MAJOR soil disturbance. This permit requires approval of the Planning Board and is for:

    1. Extensive regrading of the property that may result in adverse effects to the Village's drainage system or neighboring properties, as determined by the Village Engineer.
    2. Construction of retaining walls equal to or greater than four feet high.
    3. Construction of a new single-family or two-family house.
    4. For a major soil disturbance permit, each application shall be accompanied by a permit fee of $0.50 per cubic yard multiplied by the number of cubic yards to be dealt with. The basic permit fee shall not be less than $25 nor shall it exceed $500.
    5. In addition, for a major soil disturbance permit, the applicant shall establish with the Township of South Orange Village an escrow account to cover the reasonable costs of professional engineering, soil testing, planning and legal review of the project as well as fees for the inspection of the project before, during and after its completion. See Ch 135-4C.

C. If the application is for the importation of soil into the village, a certificate from a reputable testing firm which has been approved by the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection certifying that the soil has been tested and found to be free of contaminants or other materials which are deemed to be toxic under any federal or state law. The certificate shall set forth with specificity the tests performed by the testing firm.

D. The application and supporting documents may be referred by the Construction Official to the Village Engineer for additional review. After the application is submitted and reviewed, the Code Official may do one of the following:

    1. Issue a minor soil disturbance permit;
    2. Issue a minor soil disturbance permit with conditions; or
    3. Refer the application to the South Orange Planning Board for review and approval of a major soil disturbance permit.
    4. Confirm if soil disturbance is over 5000 SF. The “5000 square feet” is not based solely on the square footage of a building footprint. It is based on the total amount of soil disturbance (any demolition, footing excavation, construction vehicle access, retaining walls, tree removal, soil stockpiles, drainage improvements, re-grading, installation of utilities, walks, aprons, etc.). If the total proposed disturbance is less than 5000 square feet, OR greater than 5000 square feet for a single family dwelling on a previously undeveloped single “spot” lot (not part of a subdivision), and your municipality requires a release (Letter of No Interest) from the Soil Conservation District, you may submit an Application for Exemption with site plans. There is a $50 review fee associated with Exemptions.

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Description of all procedures and processes included in the proposed work, and description of equipment, vehicles and facilities to be used.
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