During the period provided for the preparation of responses to this request, the Borough may issue addenda or answers to written inquiries. Addenda will be noticed by the Borough and will constitute part of this request. All responses shall be prepared with full consideration of any addenda issued. Proposer must complete and submit the Acknowledgment of Receipt of Addenda Form attached.
All Proposers are required to comply with the requirements of N.J.S.A. 52:32-44 (Business Registration of Public Contractors), N.J.S.A. 10:5-31 et seq. and N.J.A.C. 17:27 et seq. (Contract compliance and Equal Employment Opportunities in Public Contracts). Submissions by Corporations and Partnerships shall include a completed Disclosure of Ownership form (N.J.S.A. 52:25-24.2) and shall include a completed Non-Collusion Affidavit.
The Borough of Oceanport reserves the right to reject any or all proposals and to waive any and all irregularities as is in the best interest of the Borough of Oceanport in accordance with N.J.S.A. 40A:11-4. The Borough of Oceanport also reserves the right to conduct interviews of any or all Proposers, as it deems necessary.
Bid/Proposal packages will not be accepted on weekday holidays when the Borough Clerk’s office is closed. No other office is authorized to accept bids. We will not be responsible for bids delivered prior to or after the Borough’s business hours, or to any other office. Please review bid notice and bid documents for additional details and information.
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Note : To Request BID/RFP/RFQ Specifications and/or documentation, please select from the drop down list and complete the form and the document will be emailed to you.
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Jeanne Smith, Borough Clerk/Purchasing Agent
NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that pursuant to a fair and open process in accordance with N.J.S.A. 19:44A-20.5 et seq., proposals are being solicited by the Borough of Oceanport (hereinafter the “Borough”) for the Cleaning of Public Buildings contract for the period May 1, 2018 to December 31, 2018 and up to three (3) one-year extensions.
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Specification and other information may be obtained through the Borough’s website at www.oceanportboro.com under BID/RFP tab or in person at Borough Offices, 315 E. Main Street, Oceanport, NJ 07757, during Borough business hours or send your request via email to jsmith@oceanportboro.com All inquiries or requests for clarification shall be submitted no later than March 5, 2018.
Please see the link to the corresponding Public Notice
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Bids and Requests for Proposals
(RFP's) or Qualifications (RFQ's)
Sealed proposals will be received by the Borough Clerk of the Borough of Oceanport, New Jersey and opened and read in public in the Meeting Room in the Borough Hall at 315 E. Main Street, Oceanport, New Jersey, on March 14, 2018 at 11:00 A.M. Each proposal and all required submittals must be signed by a person authorized to do so. Proposals must cover all information in this request. Responses which in the judgment of the Borough fail to meet the requirements of this request, which are in any way conditional, incomplete, obscure, contain additions or deletions from requested information, or contain errors may be rejected. All communications concerning this request shall be directed, in writing, to the Borough Clerk.
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It is the responsibility of the Vendor to submit a complete bid package with their bid. Submission of an incomplete bid proposal package may result in bid rejection.
It is the responsibility of the Vendor to insure all pages of the bid package have been downloaded and printed properly.
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By signing below, I acknowledge that I have read and accepted these terms.
The Borough shall not be responsible for any missing pages of any Vendor bid submission made due to Vendor's use of the website.
The Borough shall not be responsible for any computer or printer malfunctions on the part of the Vendor or any technical problems with the Borough's website, www.oceanportboro.com.
All Bid Addenda will be issued on the website. Therefore, all interested respondents should check the website from now through bid opening. It is the sole respondents should check the website from now through bid opening. It is the sole responsibility of the respondent to be knowledgeable of all addenda related to this procurement.
Vendor agress to review the specifications immediately after the information is downloaded.
Vendor agress to notify the Borough of any problems/issues with the downloaded bid package within 7 days of downloading.
Vendor acknowledges that they are aware that in addition to downloading the bid package, the bid package can be mailed to the Vendor at the Vendor's request.