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The construction of additions, garages, barns, sheds, inground pools, driveway expansions, etc. require review by the Engineering Department for proper grading and storm water management. A detailed proposed grading plan prepared by a professional engineer is required and must be submitted for review and approval prior to sign off for construction to the Building Department. The following information is to be shown on a copy of the property survey of record:
Fee Schedule & Certification
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2. Small sheds or barns less than 600 sq. ft.
3. Driveway expansions.
1. Show existing and proposed distances to all property lines (side, front and rear). Additionally, the building envelope (setbacks) shall be clearly indicated with dashed lines.
8. Show impervious surface calculation meeting Township code for the zone.
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-The Homeowner needs to provide a copy of the survey with proposed work. It may be drawn by the Homeowner
6. Show roof leader discharge points and methods to prevent their flow to adjoining lots (i.e. underdrain to storm systems, swale, etc.)
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4. Township slope standards of 2% minimum and 12% maximum must be maintained a minimum of 20 feet around the proposed addition, garage, shed, driveway and in all disturbed areas. The limit of disturbance shall be clearly indicated. See Engineering Department for example of required grading plan.
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10. Provide a signed statement regarding the disposition of excess excavated earth, which qualifies the extent of regrading and/or placement of fill.
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-3 copies of grading plans
-All Single-Family Dwellings: $225
1. House additions less than 600 sq. ft. but not more than 50% of the existing dwelling.
For projects of minor impact, a waiver of the professionally prepared grading/site plan may be considered. To make this determination the applicant shall provide as much of the above information as possible and can support the request for waiver with photographs and a narrative. As a guide, the following applications will be considered though not necessarily granted a waiver.
If Other, Please Explain
2. Show adjoining lot buildings and approximated distances from property line.
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For Construction of Additions, Barns, Sheds, Garages, Pools, Driveways, Etc.
-In-Ground Pool: $175
Engineering Department Checklist
Please describe the work requested in detail on plan according to the Engineering Instructions.
Private Permit Application
7. Show existing grading of slopes around proposed addition, garage, shed, etc. and path of water runoff flow. Swales, berms, inlet systems, etc. either existing or proposed must be shown to prevent runoff to adjoining lots. Indicate on plan if the swale, berm or inlet is existing or proposed. Grades shall be shown by spot elevations to the nearest one hundredth of a foot at all comers and breakpoints. Contours may be used elsewhere. An assumed datum is allowed.
5. Show any driveway expansion and proposed slopes. Indicate if driveway edging, (curb, timber, etc.) is proposed. Slopes from new edging to existing grade must meet Township standards of 2% minimum 12% maximum. Driveway must be sloped toward the roadway to prevent additional runoff to adjoining lots.
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-Other Proposed Work: Variable
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-For Additions and Single Family Dwellings: If proposing underground pipework you must include details on the sketches/plans. (Under no circumstances are sump pump or footing drains allowed to be discharged to street.)
-Additions, Garage, Driveway, Pole Barn Work: $100
If "Yes", please describe the source of the soil material and quantity to be redistributed.
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9. Furnish copy of approved Zoning Permit.
3. Show any nearby streams or watercourses to the property.
-Pools and Single Family Dwellings require plans produced by Engineer and must include project engineer seal