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All applications MUST be submitted no less than five days in advance from the date of event. If you wish for the mayor to be present at this event, you will need to contact the mayor.
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This application must be submitted not less than five business days prior to the date and time of the proposed activity.
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The undersigned hereby applies to the Department of Public Works for a permit to use the City Hall Atrium or its adjoining plaza for expressive activity. It is understood that:
Applicant understands that he/she may not interfere with the conduct of normal municipal operations.
Waiver of Liability
Nothing in the grant of a permit shall be deemed a waiver of the city's right to bring an action for contribution and/or indemnification for claims which result from the negligence or other wrongful conduct of any person, including the person to whom a permit is issued.
A permit may be issued only for the use of the City Hall Atrium or its adjoining plaza when City Hall is scheduled to be open for City business, and only between the hours of 9:30 a.m. and 9:00 p.m.
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