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Provide the names and addresses of all the officers of the applicant organization. *
Application for
Solicitation Permit for
Charitable, Benevolent, Religious
or Patriotic Purposes
Application must be made a minimum of ten (10) days before the activity. Village Code (Article I §80-1 through 10 and Article II §80-11 through 18)
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What are the intended dates for the solicitation activity? Note that solicitation activity cannot exceed thirty (30) days
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State all items of expense, commission, wages, or fees to be incurred or paid in connection with soliciting activities. *
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Solicitors' Information
Applications must be accompanied by the following documents:
  1. Copy of Certificate of Incorporation for Non-Profit
  2. Copy of Registered Agent or agent whom service can be made on behalf of Non-Profit
    Activity Information
    Email *
    Provide the names and addresses of the people who will be in direct charge of conducting the solicitation, promoters connected with the solicitation activity, or the people who will be solicitors. [See § 80-28 Credentials of solicitor] *
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    If "Yes" specify how
    Where do you intend to solicit? * (be as specific as possible e.g. South Orange Avenue between Valley Street and Sloan Street)
    76 South Orange Avenue, Suite 302
    South Orange, NJ 07079
    (973) 378-7715
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    By signing below, I do hereby certify and affirm that all statements contained in this application are true and, if a Permit is granted it will not be used or represented in any way as an endorsement by the Township of South Orange Village; or any department or officer thereof for the cause or purpose of the solicitation. The applicant also acknowledges that he/she has read the §80-14 and §80-19 thorugh §80-31 of the Code of the Township of South Orange Village.

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    By signing below, I do hereby agree to make available any appropriate books, records and papers the Chief of Police or his duly designated representative shall deem necessary in order to investigate the application or to enable the Police Department to make its findings pursuant to Chapter 80, Section 24 of Code of the Township of South Orange Village. [See §80-24 Recommendation of issuance of permit.]

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