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1. New Registrations
All new applicants must include a valid Rabies Certificate and Spayed/Neutered Certificate before a license can be issued.
The Rabies Certificate must be valid through November 1st of the licensing year.

2. Renewals
Renewals must include a valid Rabies Certificate.
The Rabies Certificate must be valid through November 1st of the licensing year.

3. Service Dogs
All applications for Service Dogs must include a valid Service Dog Registration Certificate.

Documents can be attached to this online application in the window below, alternatively they must be brought in person to the Borough Clerk's Office within five (5) days of submission of this online application.

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Note that payment must be received in full before a Dog License and Registration Tags can be issued.

A renewal license must be paid for prior to March 1st, after that a $10.00 late fee will be charged.

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