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Borough Manager's Office
One Memorial Drive - Room 201 - Lodi, NJ 07644
(973) 859-7400


Prior to issuance of a film permit, the Borough of Lodi requires that a Certificate of Insurance be filed with the Office of County Counsel.

The Certificate must show a minimum of $500,000, and any occurrence in the aggregate amount of $1,000,000. THE BOROUGH OF LODI AND ITS OFFICIALS, EMPLOYEES AND AGENTS must be named as ADDITIONAL INSURED and BOROUGH OF LODI shown as CERTIFICATE HOLDER.

Your insurance company (agent) must be told of this requirement and the above underlined paragraph. They will, at that time, issue the Certificate of Insurance which will be mailed to the above address or delivered to the Manager’s Office at the above address.

Please make sure the term of the insurance (effective date to expiration date) falls within the dates you anticipate using the Borough facilities.

In addition, a corporate representative authorized to bind the applicant must execute the annexed Defense, Indemnification, and Hold Harmless Agreement prior to issuance of a permit, and each employee, volunteer, contractor, agent, or representative of Applicant must personally execute the annexed Release/Waiver and Hold Harmless Agreement prior to accessing the Borough Property.

If you have any questions concerning this matter, please call (973) 859-7400.

Thank you for your cooperation.

If Other, Please Explain:
Type of Filming
Application Type
Filming Information
Secondary Phone #
Filming Location
Will the filming production use any animals, firearms, special effects, or unusual scenes? If so, please explain.
Full Name
Will the filming production use any over-sized equipment or machinery? If so, please explain.
Title of Project
Phone #
A completed and approved permit is required for all filming.
This permit must be available for inspection throughout the filming process.
Primary Phone #
Production Manager
Location Manager
Are you filming for educational purposes? If so, please explain.
Full Name
Phone #
Product Name (Commercial) or Band/Song (Music video)
Approximate number of people in Cast and Crew
Company Information
Add details for each vehicle.
Number of Days Filming using public buildings, public parks, or other public facilities:
Please be advised that you are restricted to the dates and hours indicated on the film permit, Additionally, the Borough permit must be displayed on site at all times when filming is occurring.
Less Than Eight Hours of use
Number of Vehicles that will be at filming location
Vehicle Information
Please list any and all modifications to Borough facilities, including temporary structures or sets to be constructed.
Eight or more hours of use
Facilities and Sets
Enter the details below to provide information:
Production Schedule (Public Use)
Please note: All materials not originally at the film site, including trash and debris, mut be removed prior to the completion of filming.
Type Full Name :
Sign With Hand
Less than eight hours of use / $750.00 per day
Non - Profit/Student Film: No Fee. (Insurance and Hold Harmless Agreement required)
Attach any required documents to this application below:
Filming Charge for use of public buildings, public parks or other public facilities:
The fee for this application is based on the information provided.
*Applicant shall provide a security deposit in the form of cash or certified check or a maintenance bond running in favor of the Borough of Lodi in the amount of $1000.
Basic Filming Permit: $150.00
Fee Schedule
By signing below, I do hereby certify and affirm that all statements contained in this application are true and that I agree to comply wth all rules and restrictions imposed by the Borough of Lodi during activities on Borough Property. Falure to comply with any permit requirements or conditions may result in revocation without refund of parmit fees.
Permit Fee based on the application type :
INSURANCE: Applicant must file its Certificate of Insurance (COI) and Defence, Indemnification, and Hold Harmless Agreement prior to issuance of a permit. An employee, volunteer, contact, agent, or representative of Applicant must personally executive the annexed Release / Waiver and Hold Harmless Agreement prior to accrssing the Borough Property. Click here for the Defence, Indemnification, and Hold Harmless Agreement document
Applicant Signature
Eight or more hours of use / $1000.00 per day