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In accordance with Sections 26-3.5(a), or 26-3.5(b) of the Borough of Belmar Revised General ORdinances, as those Sections may be applicable to this application, I hereby designate the following person to maintain the documents and information required of a property owner and to produce these documents and information to any official or employee of the Borough of Belmar in accordance with a request made pursuant to Section 26-2.8 of the Revised General Ordinances of the Borough of Belmar.
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  1. I have obtained a certification (lease or affidavit) in accordance with Borough of Belmar Revised General Ordinances 26-3.5(b)(5)(d), advising of the occupancy limits of the unit, completed by each of the persons who will be tenants of the dwelling unit.

    And, if an "Animal House Bond" pursuant to Ordinance section 26-11 et seq. is in effect on the property in which the dwelling unit is located, Section 4.B must also be compiled with:

  2. I have obtained a certification (lease or affidavit) in accordance with Borough of Belmar Revised General Ordinances 26-3.5(b)(5)(e), advising of the existance of an "Animal House Bond", completed by each of the persons who will be tenants of the dwelling unit.

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NOTE: An inspection will not be scheduled and a Certificate of Inspection and/or License will not be issued if all requirements of the Belmar Ordinances have not been complied with, including but not limited to: payment of taxes, municipal charges and applicable fees, inspection fees, and submission of a floor plan.

WARNING: Please be sure to fill out the application completely. An inspection will not be granted until the form is filled out. INCOMPLETE APPLICATIONS WILL RESULT IN A DELAY IN PROCESSING TIME OF APPROXIMATELY 1 WEEK. NO EXCEPTIONS.
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Animal House paid in full if property has been determined to be an Animal House. List all Animal House properties is located HERE.
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  1. I have retained a fully executed copy of any lease agreement executed by all adult persons who will be tenants of the dwelling unit, if a written lease agreement was made.

  2. I have obtained a true and correct copy of the driver's license or, if not available, alternative proof of identification, for each adult tenant.

  3. I have determined that each such adult tenant intends to reside in the dwelling unit for a duration of 175 days or less and as his or her temporary residence, and that he or she maintains a permanent residence elsewhere.

  4. You must have compiled with this paragraph and initial this line if the application is for a Summer Rental Unit that has not undergone changes in the configuration of the unit which would effect the occupancy rate and you have compiled with paragraph 6B. If not the application will be processed, the inspection will occur, however, the Certificate of Inspection and/or the Summer Rental License will not be issued until this section has ben initialed, dated and delivered to the Belmar Dept. of Code Enforcement.
(Please note there is no guarantee re-inspections will be done before Memorial Day weekend).