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Renewal applications require proof of current liability insurance coverage to be attached.
  • “New” Application Type should be chosen when ownership has changed, or a home is new to the program. Home must be ready for inspection within 30 days of remittance. The expiration date will be one year from the date of remittance. If the new status is chosen for a file that is a renewal the application will be denied.
  • "Renewal" Application Type should be chosen for any homes that are currently licensed and renewed with the same owner and management. Renewals are not to be submitted until within 60 days of the Expiration Date.
  • Transfer of management company, with the same owner, for a currently licensed home or change of ownership, for a currently licensed home, staying with the same management company should not use this form. Contact the City of Big Bear Lake for instructions.
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    Any new applications with change of ownership require documentation (recorded deed or final closing statement from escrow). If title is held in an LLC, trust, corp. etc., documentation must be included to show all names of people involved with that entity. Also, proof of current liability insurance coverage. Including a copy of owner certificate issued upon passing the certification exam may help reduce processing time.

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    New Applications will be denied if supporting documentation is not attached and the application process will need to be repeated.
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    On December 19, 2023, City Council adopted an ordinance pertaining to Vacation Rental Operations and Enforcement within the City of Big Bear Lake City Limits. Please review details of the ordinance, certification exam, and the inspection checklist on our City website by clicking here.

    I acknowledge that I am responsible for obtaining liability insurance for the vacation rental. I understand that all official correspondence from the City (including annual registration information) will be sent to the applicant email address above and that email account must remain active and monitored regularly. I am responsible for any TOT or TBID not automatically remitted to the City by online advertising and booking platforms. The vacation rental must be in compliance with the inspection checklist and all building code requirements throughout the duration of the vacation rental license period.

    I certify that the information mentioned above is true to my knowledge.

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    E-Check: Select e-check payment type and 'Pay Now'.

    Cash: Select cash payment type and ‘Pay Later’. Bring cash into city hall with a copy of your submitted form.

    Check: Select check payment type and ‘Pay Later’. Mail check to our PO Box 10000, Big Bear Lake CA 92315. Include reference number on your check.

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