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This Permit Application is for Replacement of Existing Driveway Only!
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  • This permit Is Issued upon the condition and understanding that the permittee Is responsible to ensure that the work Is In strict accordance with the specifications listed below.
  • The contractor shall perform work necessary for total Installation or the work covered by this permit. This Includes quality control Inspections necessary for conformity with the specifications. This permit becomes null & void unless exercised with one (1) year from date of issue.
  • The applicant or contractor must submit a copy of a plot plan to widen a driveway.
  • Driveways shall not create drainage problems on adjoining properties.
  • The department of public works inspector must be given 48 hours notice.
  • An inspection is required before any pavement is placed. This inspection is to ensure that the driveway conforms to the dimension and location prescribed on this permit and on the site plan. Call (609) 586-0311 to schedule an inspection.
  • Specifications:

    Sec. 160-119 W(4): "Driveways shall be no closer than 5 feet to any side or rear property line....not to exceed 20 feet in width. "

    1. Concrete mlx must be 4000 psi and truck delivered from a concrete company that Is NJ State certified.
    2. Bituminous:
      • 2" (compacted) top over.
      • stone or 4" recycled concrete
    3. In front or the driveway you must have 6" thick concrete sidewalk and apron.
    4. Driveway overlay must be tack coaled and Keyed (12- minimum) at both limits.
Specifications and Regulations
The applicant or contractor must submit a copy of a plot plan to widen a driveway.
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Owner of the above property will take full responsibility for the paving being done on his/her property. This responsibility includes necessary oversight for quality control and adherence to the specifications.

I certify that all the information mentioned above is true to my knowledge.