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Curry County has a voluntary, no-cost registration program wherein the type of animal information is collected for the purpose of disaster response coordination. Information regarding this voluntary program is available at www.co.curry.or.us/departments/animalsvcs.php
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The registration of properties which are owned by individuals or entities residing outside of Curry County is required pursuant to Curry County Ordinance 20.01. The purpose of this ordinance to provide contact and access information in the event of emergencies; to assist with compliance with health, safety, fire, building, and safety codes. The following exemptions are provided under this ordinance:

Exemption from Registration Fee
The registration fee may be waived for any of the following reasons. Fee Waiver does not exempt the property owner from completing the registration form.

Full Exemption:
If an owner (person named on the property deed) resides full time in Curry County, they are exempted from this program. Residence may be established at any Curry County residential property.

Exemption 1:
An individual, who is listed as an owner of the property, resides in Curry County for more than six months per year. Please attach documentation supporting your request, such as a copy of your Curry County utility bill to this application.
Exemption 2:
The Property Owner has retained an Oregon Licensed property manager or service, which is based or has a full-time agent located within Curry County. Please attach a copy of the agreement to this application.
Exemption 3:
The Property Owner has entered into a contract or written agreement with an individual or entity located in Curry County, for the management and responsibility for compliance with all applicable laws, and ordinances governing the property. The agreement needs to acknowledge that the property owner authorizes their agent to control or manage their property, and the agent agrees to be legally responsible for the compliance with all applicable laws and ordinances related to the property. Both parties must sign the agreement and a copy is required to be submitted to the County to affect an exemption request.
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The following information is requested so that in the event of an emergency, the information you provide below will be provided to first responders, (such as law enforcement, firefighters, Emergency Medical Services, animal control) so that they may identify special hazards or needs associated with your property. The submission of the information is requested but not required. Any information provided will be retained by the Curry County Code Enforcement Office and only released pursuant to Curry County Ordinance 20-01, Section 2.17.060(4).
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