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General Requirements

  • No zoning changes are to take place.
  • Height shall not exceed the height of the existing tower
  • No site changes may be undertaken except that associated equipment shelters may be provided. A building permit shall be required for the shelters if they are 200 square feet or greater in area. Equipment repair or update is permissible.
  • Only antenna equipment to be mounted on an existing tower structure may be permitted.

Applicant to provide

  • GPS coordinates
  • A structural analysis report verifying that the tower structure can safely support the proposed addition or increased size and stamped by a certified Engineer licensed in Colorado
  • A nonrefundable processing fee in an amount established by the Board of County Commissioners is required for this process

Applicant shall attach, on the fence securing the tower, a 3” x 8” metal sign marked with

  • GIS coordinates
  • “Call letters”
  • Emergency contact number
  • Address of the tower
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Important Information
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Floodplain Development Details

All costs for review of materials related to this floodplain development and all associated reports, plans, and studies by the County Engineer are the responsibility of the applicant.

Approval of this Floodplain Development Permit Application by Elbert County does not obviate your need to comply with the requirements of Sections 7 and 9 of the Endangered Species Act of 1973, 16, U.S.C. 1531, et seq., or Section 404 of the Clean Water Act, as amended, or with any other applicable federal, state, or local laws or regulations.

The Engineer of Record shall be responsible for monitoring work authorized by this permit and SHALL SUBMIT within 1 year

  • A Letter of Compliance upon completion of said activity, stating whether or not the work was performed in compliance with plans and specifications approved by the permit.
  • No-Rise Certification for work performed in the floodway or approved LOMR.
  • Updated post-project hydraulic modeling files.
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Expected Water Requirements
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Temporary Structures and/or Fences
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Temporary Use Details
Expected Sewer / Sewage Requirements
Food or Alcoholic Beverages to be served (and applicable licenses)
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Important Information
How was the number of parking spaces determined? *
Proposed Security Control
Liquor License #

Signoffs Required

  • Risk of injury to participants may require additional medical, law enforcement, and fire department requirements
  • CDS may require additional information. Submittal requirements must be met in order to receive an approved Group Event permit, failure to provide required documents could result in a hold and/or denial of the Group Event Permit application
  • Email confirmation from each of the following will suffice as a signature as well. Please attach email.


Fire District

  • Elizabeth: 303-646-3800
  • Rattle Snake: 303-841-8111
  • Kiowa: 303-621-2233
  • Elbert: 303-648-3000
  • N. Central: 303-621-0109
  • Big Sandy: 719-541-3148
  • Agate: 719-764-2771

Sheriff's Office 

Department of Public Health

Public Works/Road and Bridge
303-621-3157 Road access or high traffic

Office of Emergency Management

Elbert County Clerk & Records Office
303-621-3128 Liquor Licenses

Liquor at this event *
Do you have a liquor license? *
Number of Spectators *
Adverse weather monitoring plan/adverse weather contingency plan (if outside event)
Location *
Proposed Public Notification Plan
Description *
Anticipated Attendance *
Parking Spaces
All Roads Affected
Crowd Management Plan
Number of Parking Spaces *
Number of Toilets *
Traffic Control Mechanism(s)
Event Start *
Location or Event Route *
What surface material will be used? *
Stage of temporary struture inspection (is such to be used)
Required Documents
HOA and Covenants Statement
Site Plan
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Current photo of the tower
Co-locate Checklist
Structural Analysis
Have you attached the following: *
Fill Certificate
Certificate of Occupancy or Compliance Issued
No-Rise Certification for work to be performed in the floodway or CLOMR.
Elevation Certificate
A copy of the relevant section of the applicable FIRM (Flood Insurance Rate Map)
Floodplain Development Checklist
If proposed activity occurs within a floodway or wetlands, submit the following:
  • A copy of an approved permit issued by the United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), e.g., 404 permit, OR
  • A copy of the verification letter issued by USACE stating a permit is not required for the project.
  • If applicable, describe any alterations to the floodway (bank stabilization, fill, excavation, etc.).
  • An accurate cross section of the channel at the site of the proposed activity, including:
    • Depiction and labeling of both existing and proposed conditions.
    • Vertical (elevations) and horizontal dimensions (distances) and references.
    • Base Flood Elevation(s) (BFE), including flood fringe and floodway boundaries.
  • A copy of the appropriate profile from the Flood Insurance Study (FIS), with the reach and Base Flood Elevations (BFEs) of the proposed project accurately identified.
    An accurate site plan detailing all construction activity proposed within floodplain boundaries
    Construction plans and specifications, sealed by a Colorado Registered Engineer
    Hydraulic modeling files & associated report developed for the application submitted electronically
    Have you attached the following: *
    Any electronic files and/or reports associated with other analyses to support the application (e.g., scour analysis).
    Map Revision Data
    Vicinity Map (separate from site plan)
    Proof of Sewer
    Cover Letter/Narrative
    Site Plan/Plot Plan Exhibit
    Public Health
    Statement of Taxes Due from County Treasurer
    HOA Disclosure
    Emergency Management
    Proof of Ownership
    County Clerk
    Public Works
    Sheriff's Office
    Temporary Use Checklist
    Proof of Water
    Agency Signoffs
    Have you attached the following: *
    Copy of Deed
    Have you attached the following: *
    Site Plan
    Shipping/Storage Container Checklist
    HOA Disclosure
    Copy of Current Statement of Taxes
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    Review of this application and supportive documentation will not begin until the Community & Development Services Department deems the application complete.  No application submission will be considered complete until all required pieces are submitted. All required documents must be submitted electronically and labeled in accordance with Elbert County Community Development Services naming criteria. Applicant acknowledges that there is no mutually agreed upon time between the County and the applicant during which this application will be approved, conditionally approved or denied. 

    By signing below, I certify that all of the information provided in this application is true and accurate.

    • Co-locate permit: $1,000.00. Additional fees may be requested after review
    • Container Permit: $125.00
    • Floodplain: $500.00
    • Temporary Use: $500.00 (1 to 180 days in a calendar year)
    • Long-Term Temporary Use: $1,000.00 (exceeds 180 days a year and no longer than 12 months total)
    The applicant agrees to pay for reasonable additional engineering and/or consultation when requested by the Community & Development Services Department, in their opinion, additional information, studies, or investigations are needed to help clarify the proposal made.