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7. Pool wall setbacks are 10ft from the rear & 10ft from the side of property lines. Pool's pump is 5ft from the property line.
The Following Regulations Apply to the Installation of Pools
1. Sealed specifications from the pool company (for in ground pools only)
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Property Information
6. A properly installed fence with self locking gate must be installed minimum 4' in height.
Borough of
Atlantic Highlands
Installation Company
I certify that all the information mentioned above is true to my knowledge.
3. The pool must be equipped to be completely emptied. The method of disposal of waste water (dry well, tapped to sewerline, etc.) must be approved prior to issuance of any permit.
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4. All electrical installations must be inspected and approved pursuant to the National Electrical Code.
1. No pool may be installed or altered until a permit has been issued.
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5. This application must be accompanied by a clear copy of a property survey showing the exact location of the pool, distances from all property lines and structures, and location of filter.
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The fee due for this application is $50.00
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of a Swimming Pool
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2. Pool walls must be 10 feet from side and rear yard lines.
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8. Pool is not to be used until all final inspections are performed by the Construction Department.
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2. Pool brochure (for above ground pools only)
Owner of Record
100 First Avenue
Atlantic Highlands, NJ 07716
Phone: (732) 291-1222 | Fax: (732) 291-9725
4. If homeowner is in Steep Slope Zone-Steep Slope permit must be obtained and submitted with topographical survey prior to obtaining zoning approval.
5. Electrical wiring and gas piping diagram.
3. Survey of property showing where the pool is to be located.
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Fee Due
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6. A properly installed 4' fence, with self locking gates must be installed.
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7. No pool can be filled until approval has been given.