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  • The Short Term Rental license is valid for three years after the date of issuance. Short-Term Rental Permits shall be eligible for renewal three months prior to the expiration of the Permit date.

  • The operation of an STR in the city without a valid current STR permit shall be a violation of this article.

  • Once the Short-Term Rental Permit is granted, Local Occupancy Taxes will need to be collected at a rate of 5% within 21 days of each stay of up to 30 nights. Whether you use a hosting platform (e.g., Airbnb, VRBO) or you rent directly to guests, you are responsible for remitting taxes by mail directly to Dorchester County on a monthly basis using the form available here.

  • Short-Term Rental Permits may not be renewed if local occupancy taxes have not been paid during the three years after the date of permit issuance.

  • No Short-term Rental property shall be rented to anyone younger than TWENTY-ONE years of Age.

  • Short-term Rental occupants shall Comply with all ordinances of the City of Cambridge including those regulating parking, noise and nuisance conduct.

  • Attestation to maintenance of insurance coverages of the STR and required smoke detectors and fire extinguishers.

  • For City of Cambridge Ordinance No. 1204 Click Here.

  • For City of Cambridge Unreasonable Noise Levels Code Click Here.

  • For all information and forms related to Short Term Rentals Click Here.
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List the PROPERTY or RESPONSIBLE PERSON* (Person listed below must be available Please note, the contact person must be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year for the purpose of responding to complaints concerning the use of the STR.)
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Note: The Short Term Rental will be reviewed after submission. You will be notified regarding approval within 15 business days after submission. The Short Term rental application fee must be paid to process the application.
Please note a local contact that lives in Atlantic County is required.
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You must submit the following documents with your application (If Applicable):

  1. Parking Plan.
  2. Residential Floor Plan.
  3. Copy of standard lease agreement and house rules.
  4. A plan, sketch, or drawing, to scale, of the premises to be operated as an STR with the use of each room labeled, including locations of the structure, areas to be rented, expected use of specific rooms, decks, patios, porches, swimming pools, outdoor entertainment areas, garages, fences, screening, roads, paved areas, walkways and parking spaces.
# Off Street Guest Parking Spaces
By signing below, I represent that I have read and understand the conditions that must be followed with the issuance of a Short-term Rental Permit and that all contents of the application are true and accurate to the best of their personal knowledge, information, and belief and acknowledging that any material misrepresentations or omissions are grounds for denial, suspension, or revocation of the STR permit.

Submission of an application and application fee does not guarantee that a Short Term Rental permit will be issued.
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Please note that the following fee must be paid in order to process this application. Once the application form and materials have been submitted, the application will be reviewed by the City of Cambridge. A review should be completed within 15 business days. If approved, the applicant will receive a copy of a Permit, good for three years from the date of issuance.
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