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3. All exterior stairs which have three (3) or more risers must have a handrail.
Closing Date (For Transfers Only)
Please read the inspection guide below for obtaining the Certificate of Approval. It consists of some of the most commonly found violations and is not ALL INCLUSIVE.
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South Toms River
15. Fire extinguisher must be in kitchen.
11. Septic and/or Well certification required where applicable.
6. Condition of roof, gutters, downspouts and leaders.
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2. There can be NO openings in electrical panel. Panel must have unobstructed access.
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11. Handrails required on any stirs with three (3) or more risers.
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2. Property must be free from debris and weeds.
7. All plumbing fixtures must be in good working condition.
NOTE: All inspections are done on Thursdays. We will contact you for our open timings for inspection. The owner or the realtor must be present at time of inspection.
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By signing below, I the owner certify that all of the information provided in this application is true and accurate. I certify that this dwelling and all other structures on the property meet the zoning requirements of South Toms River.
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3. Electrical service must be a minimum of sixty (60) AMPS.
8. Condition of structure siding (Paint, Brick, Stucco, etc).
10. Any penetrations in walls or ceilings must be repaired.
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13. All floor and floor coverings must be in good condition.
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10. Screens must be in good condition.
9. Condition of wood trips, soffits, eaves, fascia ,etc.
8. Windows must be operable and decent looking.
Dwelling Information
5. All utilities must be turned on for inspection.
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Additional Rooming or Dwelling Units (Rooming/House, Motels and Bed and Breakfast)
7. Condition of fences, shrubs and hedges.
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1. Must have a SMOKE DETECTOR and CARBON MONOXIDE DETECTORS on each level. If the house was built with hardwired detectors, they must be
in proper working condition.
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19 Double Trouble Rd
South Toms River, NJ 08757
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Certificate of Continued Occupancy
5. Condition of sidewalk, driveway and apron.
14. Sump pump may be discharged into internal waste system.
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4. Extension cords are not to be used as a substitute for permanent wiring and may not be fastened to or run through walls, ceilings or under
floor coverings. All extension cords must be removed for inspection.
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12. Guardrails required when there is a drop of thirty (30") inches or more from ground floor.
1. Address numbers for structures must be visible and readable from the street.
4. Any landing, balcony or deck that is thirty inches (30") or more above grade must have a guardrail.
PLEASE NOTE: If the Property Owner or Realtor is not present at the scheduled time of inspection, a reinspection fee of $25.00 shall apply.
6. Metal extension pipe on the relief valve of hot water heater required.
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The application fee for Real Estate Transfer and Resale is $100.00. The application fee for Rental is $120.00. Fee must be paid by the applicant before the Borough of South Toms River schedules an inspection.
9. Broken or crackled glass must be repaired.