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Certificate of Habitability Inspection (per unit)$125.00
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All residential properties intended to be rented in the Township of South Orange Village MUST register annually with the Clerk's Office before tenants can occupy the property. Provide a valid Rental Registration number for the property to be inspected. If the property is not registered, click the button below to make application for an Annual Rental Registration. You may NOT proceed with this Certificate of Habitability application until the property is registered with the Clerk's Office and an Annual Rental Registration Number is issued for this property.
A copy of the lease MUST be provided to the Building Department / Code Enforcement before a Certificate of Habitability can be issued. For all changes of residents, this application MUST be amended. A copy of the lease may be attached to this online application in the window below.
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• Multiple rental dwellings that have been registered with the department of community affairs for at least 10 years and have no outstanding lead violations from the most recent cyclical inspection performed on multiple dwelling under the "Hotel and Multiple Dwelling Law" (N.J.S.A. 55:13A-1). Cyclical inspections currently occuer every 5 years in Multiple Dwellings.
o This means that all Multiple dwellings constructed prior to 1978 and registered with the Department for at least 10 years that have a certificate of inspection issued by the Department of Community Affairs, Bureau of Housing Inspection are exempt from this requirement. A certificate of inspection means there are no outstanding violations.
o A Multiple Dwelling that has been registered with the Department for at least 10 years with an open inspection that has no violations for paint is also exempt from this requirement
Open inspections mean that inspections are ongoing to remediate violations during a cyclical inspection. This is because during cyclical inspections the department cites paint violations which includes flaking, loose, or peeling paint on any interior surfaces rather than lead violations. To ensure periodic lead-based paint inspections occur where needed, any open paint violations in a dwelling unit must be inspected pursuant to P.L.2021, c.182.
If the building was constructed prior to 1978, a certificate of inspection must be attached.
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