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*Fee is waived for seniors who receive a $250 Senior Deduction, Disabled Person Deduction, or Widow of Senior/Disabled Person Deduction.
(Please note the Senior Deduction is not the same as the Property Tax Reimbursement or the Homestead Credit, and qualified individuals must meet income and age requirements set by State of New Jersey. To verify eligibility you may contact the Borough {[DEP]} on {[PPHONE]})

**Residents on Union County Roads – If you live on Springfield Avenue, South Street, Passaic Street, or Mountain Avenue, leaves will be vacuumed by the Union County Public Works Department. Schedule will be on www.newprov.org when available. Please do not purchase a permit unless your house is on a corner and you specify the Borough Street where your leaves will be placed.

Leaf Collection Schedule
Leaves will be vacuumed on the following weeks (weather permitting)

East SideWest Side
Summit Line to South StreetSouth Street to Berkeley Heights Line
Week of:Week of:
November 2, 2020October 26, 2020
November 16, 2020November 9, 2020
December 7, 2020November 30, 2020