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Will road closures be needed?
If facility not listed, please describe:
1. In order to induce Seaside Park to accept this hold harmless and indemnification agreement, the following information concerning the intended use of municipal property or facilities is provided:
State *
Event Date/Time From
c) Use and maintenance restrooms
If so, please indicate where and how many signs will be posted.
Municipal Property or Facilities
j) Compact Loader
Email *
i) Front End Loader (large)
List any other special requirements needed for the event.
2. Parking lot(s) w/i hours of operation
Will you be posting Temporary Signs?
m) Beach Cleaner
l) Street Sweeper
$57.00 per hour
Name *
Should be submitted thirty (60) Days Prior to Event
$750.00 half day
Organization Type
d. Live entertainment (will) or (will not) be provided:
Borough Hall 1st Floor Community Room
Additional fees that may be added to the basic administrative charge are as follows:
Recreation Field/Court
Hold Harmless Agreement:
a) Employee pre-event set-up, maintenance of area, post-event clean-up
Seaside Park, NJ 08752
$55.00 per hour
The Outside Organization acknowledges that Seaside Park has disclosed that it does not maintain any regular or special insurance coverage for any Outside Organization (individual(s), partnership, corporation (profit), corporation (not for profit), association, Limited Liability Company, club, public entity, or similar entity) using municipal property or facilities. Seaside Park's authorization to an Outside Organization to use its public property or facilities is merely an accommodation to the Outside Organization. The Outside Organization acknowledges that Seaside Park does not maintain any regular or special insurance coverage relating to the event to be held by the Outside organization. The individual signing this agreement agrees to make all participants in the event aware of this disclosure.
$3.00 per can
Will food be served?
Fifth Avenue Pier
If so, please explain the location and use of any streets.
1701 North Ocean Avenue
Seaside Park, NJ 08752
(732) 793-3700
Telephone Number
having offices at 1701 North Ocean Avenue, Seaside Park, NJ 08752 AND
Email *
$60.00 per hour
Will an admission fee be charged?
$10.00 per
State *
Phone # *
Last Name *
$62.00 per hour
k) Backhoe
In consideration of the use of municipal property or facilities on
d) Tables/Extension cord
Facilities Requested:
1701 North Ocean Avenue
Attn: Office of Clerk
Outside Organization utilizing
1. Daily 4x4 vehicle permit
Borough of
Seaside Park
a. The purpose of the event is:
For the following purpose: *
Conducting a Bingo?
Applicant Information
e) Paint for marking lines
e. Other:
indemnify and hold harmless the Borough of Seaside Park, its officers, agents and/or employees from any and all liability, claims, costs, including reasonable attorney's fees, arising out of the use of municipal property or facilities by this Outside Organization. The undersigned understands and acknowledges that this hold harmless and indemnification agreement requires that Seaside Park be indemnified from any losses or damages resulting from the acts or omissions from any guest, participant, visitor, or other person attending the event referred to in this agreement. This hold harmless and indemnification agreement shall I also pertain to any claims due to Seaside Park's negligence. The undersigned further agrees to release any claim that they may now have or have in the future against Seaside Park relating to the use of municipal property or facilities, including claims due to Seaside Park's negligence. The undersigned further agrees to furnish Seaside Park with a Certificate of Insurance naming the Borough of Seaside Park as an insured party. The Certificate of Insurance must evidence the provision of general liability, bodily injury and property damage coverage with minimum limits of liability not less than $1,000,000 single incident/$2,000,000 aggregate.
the undersigned Outside Organization agrees to
Required Attachments
‚óŹ The police department will provide a separate contract that will be specific to the type of safety needed for the event. The approved hourly rate will be applied to the event and based on the length of the event, anticipated crowd, and security needs to be expected.
Is this event a Fundraiser?
City *
Phone # *
Phone #
Are you cooking on the premises?
First Name *
g) Roll off Truck & Container
$5.00 per set
1. Use of facilities will be by permit only, processed through the Office of the Clerk and approved by the Mayor and Council.
2. Permits will not be granted to use facilities for the personal gain of any individual or organization or for political or sectarian purposes.
3. No facility shall be used for political or partisan group activity. Only philanthropic, civic, charitable or educational purposes shall be considered.
4. Applicant shall submit general liability insurance certificate covering bodily injury and property damage, minimum of $500,000 per loss liability. The town shall be named co-insured and the applicant shall also execute the Hold Harmless Agreement. (Note: Certificate of Insurance and Hold Harmless Agreement shall be submitted in advance for review and approval).
5. All national and state laws, local ordinances and rules and directions of the police and fire department, rules and directions of the Mayor and Council governing public assemblies, must be observed.
6. The holder of a permit to use facilities must provide sufficient fire and police protection, at the applicant's cost, when recommended by the Town Administrator.
7. All permits may be revoked at any time, shall not be considered as a lease. Fees charged shall not be considered as rental charges, but will be limited to operating expenses with a reasonable allowance for heat, power, wear and tear and personnel costs.
8. Town officials shall have free access to the facility and may revoke or limit the permit granted if such action appears in the public interest.
9. All fees shall be paid in advance. Rebates will be granted if sufficient notice of cancellation is given.
10. The applicant assumes full responsibility for the facility and shall provide adequate supervision for participants, especially juveniles.
Event Information
4. Police Department
$25.00 per hour
The fee can be paid in the form of cash, check or money order, payable to:
$57.00 per hour
If so, you must be licensed by NJABC to serve/sell alcohol. Enter NJABC License #
Marina Lawn
$43.00 per hour
3. Department of Public Works
Organization Information
Special Requirements
Application for the
Use of Municipal Facilities
b. The total number of persons anticipated to attend this event is:
Borough Hall Council Meeting/ Courtroom
City *
f) Pickup truck
Anticipated number of attendees
$74.00 per hour
Primary Contact
c. Alcoholic beverages (will) or (will not) be served:
Ocean Beach Location(s):
If so, please provide beneficiary of funds
Address *
b) Provide trash receptacles, barricades
Address *
A copy of the Hold Harmless Agreement and Certificate of Insurance must be provided before the application can be processed. You may attach a copy of these forms to this application or submit them in person.

For events requiring road closures, please submit a Road Closure permit.

For events requiring propane cooking, please submit a Propane Cooking Permit.

For activities in roadway, please submit a Parade Permit.

If you are selling/serving alcohol please submit a New Jersey Division of Alcoholic Beverage Control Social Affair Permit and Catering permit.
Conducting a Raffle?
$10.00 per day
Will alcoholic beverages be served/sold?
14 Avenue Pier
Event Date/Time To
Bay Beach Location(s):
$100.00 per day
Full Name *
$1,500.00 per lot
$38.00 per hour
h) Garbage Truck
The fee to process this application is twenty-five ($25.00) dollars.
Address (Not Post Office Box)
Individuals an organizations shall agree to abide by the following:
Borough of Seaside Park