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Any illegal tenancy in BASEMENTS or ATTICS to include unauthorizied single room occupancy will DELAY any issuance of a smoke alarm certificate and the housing department will be notified. Also, any major cooking appliances in BASEMENTS and ATTICS will cause DELAYS.

Any temporary certificate of occupancy that DOES NOT HAVE OCCUPANTS living in dwelling, an inspection cannot be done. Please correct all deficiencies concerning the temporary certificate of occupancy.When ready for the actual certificate of occupancy, apply for the smoke alarm and carbon detector inspection. If THERE ARE OCCUPANTS living in the dwelling then you can apply for an inspection with a temporary certificate of occupancy.

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Please select the day you would like your inspection. Inspections are done between 9am and 1pm Monday-Friday except Holidays. There are only 5 inspections done a day. Please keep in mind that your day is NOT confirmed until you receive a notification from us.

Once the inspection date and fees are agreed upon, all transactions are final.

Please read all instructions for compliance, not sure then contact the bureau - (908) 820-4040.
ATTENTION - If first application results in a denial, you must complete a new application in our office. Another form online will not be accepted.
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Hours of application are 9am to 3pm, not including holidays or weekends.
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All payments should be made payable to the {[CNAME]} in the form of cash, check or money order and must be in the exact amount. If paying by check or cash it must be done in person at the:

Elizabeth Fire Prevention Bureau
411 Irvington Avenue
Elizabeth, NJ 07208

The fee covers the initial inspection. A new application and fee is required if the initial inspection fails. REQUEST TO CANCEL NO RESCHEDULING OF APPOINTMENT MUST RE-APPLY AND PAY REQUIRED FEE. Fee is based on when the application is received.

Select the option that applies to you:

A. A fee of $40.00 is due when an application is submitted for an inspection that is scheduled for 11 or more days.

B. A fee of $75.00 is due when an application is submitted for an inspection that is scheduled for 5 to 10 days.

C. A fee of $130.00 is due when an application is submitted for an inspection that is scheduled for 1 to 4 days.

D. Applications will not be considered nor will they be processed until full payment has been received. The number of days between the day of application and the day of inspection is what will be calculated. REMEMBER the day of application cannot be included with the fee timeframe scheduled. Also, REMEMBER weekends and holidays cannot be included with the fee timeframe scheduled.

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411 Irvington Ave
{[CITY]}, {[STATE]} {[ZIP]}
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N.J.A.C 5:70-2.3(a) provides that, “Before any one and two-family or attached single family structure is sold, leased or otherwise made subject to a change of occupancy for residential purposes, the owner shall obtain a Certificate of Smoke Alarm, Carbon Monoxide Alarm, Portable Fire Extinguisher Compliance (CSACMAPFEC), evidencing compliance with N.J.A.C. 5:70-4.19, from the appropriate enforcing agency.”

N.J.S.A. 52:27D-198.3 provides that an owner who violates these provisions is subject to a fine of not more than $500.00.

A (CSACMAPFEC) shall not be transferable. If the change of occupancy specified in the (CSACMAPFEC) does not occur within 90 days, a new application and fee shall be required.

By signing below, I certify that all of the information provided in this application is true and accurate. I hereby certify that I am the Owner/Authorized Agent for the above described dwelling unit and request that an inspection be conducted for the issuance of a (CSDCMAPFEC).

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Please ensure the exact address for the dwelling:
Cannot be the Mailing Address or Tax-Range Number: i.e.; 123-456 Main St. Only use; 123 Main St.

If there needs to be a Re-inspection done from an initial inspection due to smoke/carbon detector and fire extinguisher non-compliance, an application must be reapplied for again and the proper timeframe fees paid for the new re-inspection date.
If a second failure occurs from a Re-inspection for non-compliance then an in-person application must be made again and any continued non-compliance can result in code violations being issued.

There are to be No security iron bars or gates on windows. Absolutely none above the first floor! MAY FAIL YOUR INSPECTION.
The exception is having a quick-release mechanism for the security bars or gates and only for the first floor. IBC SECTION 1030 / IFC SECTION 1031 / TITLE 5,5:10 Per Order of the FIRE OFFICIAL

Only the person who has applied (buyer/seller), only the realtor, or representative of the realtor is to accompany the inspector on the day of the inspection. TENANT DO NOT HAVE THE ABILITY TO CORRECT ANY DESCREPECIES OR HAVE FULL ACCESS TO THE DWELLING THIS MAY FAIL YOUR INSPECTION.
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