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Pursuant to N.C.G.S. Chapter 132, the City of Boiling Spring Lakes makes available to the public all records in its custody and control that are defined as “public records” under N.C.G.S. § 132.

Persons making the request for public records must provide the following information and the City Clerk will assist you in gathering, providing for inspection, or copying the information requested. Please provide the City with sufficient information to describe those public records you desire.

Records will be available for inspection or pick-up as promptly as reasonably possible, but in any event within fifteen business days for requests of ten documents or less and within thirty business days for requests of greater than ten documents. The City requires payment in accordance with the adopted Fee Schedule and the signature of the requestor prior to releasing any documents. Requests requiring legal review may exceed stated time frames.

City Maps - no Charge
Copies - $0.25
Fax per page - $1.00
Scanning & Email - $0.25 per page
Notary Fee BSL Residents - No Charge
Notary Fee Non-Resident - $5.00
Flash Drive - $11.00
Peddler/Solicitor Background Check Fee - $25.00
Delivery Preference
Please note that your preferred method of delivery will only be accommodated if the custodian has the technological means and the integrity of the records will not be jeopardized by such method of delivery.
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