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Park Fee Schedule
Number of Attendees   Fee  Security Required
Less Than 20   $  0.00     0
21-49   $20.00     1
50-99   $30.00     2
100-199   $40.00     3
200-250   $40.00     4
251-299   $40.00     5
300-499   $40.00     6
500-1,000   $40.00     7
1,000-5,000   $40.00     8
5,000 and Over   $40.00     9
Time Blocks: 8AM-2PM OR 2PM-8PM
Additional hours are billed at $25.00 per hour
Maximum reserved dates: 7 games, unless otherwise authorized by the Director of Recreation, Natural Resources, & Culture
Other Services Requested
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Athletic Leagues
$200.00 sponsor fee + $50 forfeiture fee (each team)
The forfeiture fee will be returned to each team that completes the league schedule having forfeited no more than one game
Park Hours are from 7:00 AM to sunset.
See "Fee Schedule" for pricing.
Sporting Activity - Other
Sports Permit Information
Requests for more than 7 game dates must be authorized by the Division of Recreation, Natural Resources, and Culture
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NOTE: Two Portable Restrooms are needed for every 100 Attendees for an 8 hour event.
●   Any event with 20 or more people
●   To reserve a playing field
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Fee Due - Certified Check or Money Order Only
A Certificate of Liability Insurance in the amount of $1,000,000 naming the City of Trenton as the additional insured must be attached for
Portable Restrooms *

Monday - Friday 	 	 	   $100.00 per hour
Evening/Saturday 	 	 	   $150.00 per hour
Sunday/Holiday 	 	 	   $200.00 per hour

Electricity 	 	 	 	   $  25.00

Generators 	 	 	 	   $  50.00 and up

Floats   The Department's floats are ideal for parades and fairs.  Cost below includes truck driver
Weekdays/Evenings 	 	   $500.00 each
Sunday/Saturday Evening 	   $750.00 each

Wenger Unit  (555 square feet)   The Wenger Unit is a truck that unfolds into a stage measuring 37'X 15'. It is our largest stage.  It is permitted at
authorized areas only; based on accessibility.  Stage prices include transport and assembly

 	 	 	 	 	 	 Monday-Friday 	 	 Saturday  	 	  Sunday/Holidays
6 hour minimum  	 	 	     $645.00  	 	 	  $990.00  	 	 	 $1,325.00
Each Additional Hour 	 	     $110.00  	 	 	  $165.00  	 	 	 $   220.00

Portable Restrooms
To reserve Portable Restrooms please contact one of these vendors directly:
Johnny on the Spot 	 	 	 (732) 721-3443  	 	 Trenton Porta Potty Pros  	 (609) 422-5549
Discount Porta Potty Rental  	 	 (609) 337-3832 	 	 Potty Pros Inc.  	 	 	 (732) 276-6656
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For Tennis Court Reservations, please use our online application
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Application for Parks and Other Facilities
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By signing this application, I understand that the total fee (if applicable) is due in full prior to final approval of the event by the Department of Recreation. Also, my payment must be in the form of a certified check or money order, payable to "City of Trenton", and that the fee is non-refundable except in the event of a natural disaster.
Number of Attendees
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Sports Permit Information
City of
Applicant Information
Application Must Be Submitted 4 Weeks Prior to Date of Event
Sporting Activity
Add (1) security guard for every additional 50 attendees
Application Type *
Number of Games (Maximum of 7)
In addition to the Certificate of Insurance, to reserve a playing field you must attach a copy of a schedule of games, dates, times, and flyers.
Non-Athletic Leagues
$25.00 for groups of 20 or more adults
A Park Ranger is required for any event with 20 or more attendees at a rate of $15.00 per hour; Security Guard rate is $35.00 per hour. All Payments are non-refundable unless for natural disasters.   Events with over 150 attendees must hire Trenton Police Officers.
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Fee Schedule
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Department of Recreation,
Natural Resources and Culture
319 East State St., 1st Floor
Trenton, New Jersey 08608
(609) 989-3628
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