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Required Inspections For Owner or Contractors
Note: The Village of Hillside, by ordinance, adopted the latest edition of the Chicago electrical code.
5. Engineering/ Public Works Department: Inspections on all on-site and off-site improvements according to the approved engineering plans for all construction other than single family residence. Inspections include all below grade and grade improvements. A Final inspection and approval of all engineering must be completed by Hillside Engineering or Public Works Departments before a Certificate of Occupancy will be issued.
1. Service: Final, after the installation of service and all appurtenances. Prior to the Village contacting the utility company for service/utility connection.
6. Final: No occupancy of the structure will be permitted until a final inspection has been made, and (when required) certificate of occupancy has been issued.
Contact Julie (1-800-892-0123) prior to the start of underground excavation or trenching.
2. Underground/Trench: After underground electrical is installed, prior to backfill.
The general contractor is responsible for all their subcontractor's work and that the required inspection is made at the proper time. A notice of 24 Hours is required in all cases. Incomplete installations requiring re-inspection will result in an additional fee. Continued construction without the proper required inspection could result in the contractor having to remove an element or portion of construction to facilitate approval by Hillside building service department. Forfeiture of all cash bonds and/or refusal to issue a certificate of occupancy for the structure could result. If there is a question or problem, contact the Village of Hillside building service department.
3. Rough: All trades are to be completed before requesting inspection including plumbing and electric, before any interior wall finish is applied and after the framing is completed.
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Having submitted the plans and specifications, I, the undersigned, hereby apply to the Building Department of the Village of Hillside, Illinois for a permit to perform the above mentioned work. If this permit is granted, I will comply with all the ordinances relating to the permit and pay all fees required. All work covered by this permit is to commence within three months of date of issuance, to be completed within nine months from the date of issuance and subject to the required inspections. No error or omission in either the plans or application, whether said plans have been approved by the Building Inspector or not , shall permit or relieve the applicant from constructing the work in any other manner than that provided for in the ordinances of this Village relating thereto.