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Rooming/Boarding House Site License Board
Department of Health and Human Services
50 Winfield Scott Plaza, Room G-1
Elizabeth, NJ 07201-2462
(908) 820-4059
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Important Information
Note: This application is only for RENEWAL applications.

If you are trying to convert a home into a rooming house, you need to
1. Go to the Zoning / Construction Departments
2. Come into the Health Department to see Inspector Christina Nieves. 

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Pursuant to §211-6.C – All applications by a natural person, partnership or unincorporated association of natural persons shall be duly sworn to by each of the applicants. An application by a corporation shall be duly sworn to by the president or vice-president of the corporation. All statements in the application shall be deemed material, and any person who knowingly misstates any material fact therein shall be guilty of a crime of the fourth degree pursuant to N.J.S.A. 40:52-10.
Renewal Application Fee - $350.00
Late Fee (applications submitted after June 30th) - $25.00 
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