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$90.00 PER UNIT, Re-inspection (if necessary) $50.00

THE NEW JERSEY FIRE CODE 5:70-2..3 STATES: Before any one- and two-family or attached single family structure is sold, leased, or otherwise made subject to a change of occupancy for residential purposes, the owner shall obtain a certificate of smaoke alarm, carbon monoxide alarm, and portable fire extingisher compliance (CSACMAPFEC), evidencing compliance with N.J.A.C. 5:70-4.19 from the appropriate enforcing agency.

SMOKE DETECTORS shall be installed on each level of the premises: and is located in accordance with NFPA 74-1984 and maintained in working order. Refer to information tab.

CARBON MONOXIDE DETECTORS - are required to be on each bedroom/sleeping level WITHIN 10 FEET OF BEDROOM DOOR. Either approved hard-wired, battery or plug in type will meet the requirements of this code.

FIRE EXTINGUISHERS - N.J.S.A 52:27D-198.1 this dwelling is required to have at least one portable fire extinguisher installed with hangers of brackets supplied by the manufacturer. This extinguisher shall meet the requirements found on the information tab of this application. New fire extinguishers are not required to be serviced and tagged, as long as the seller or agent can provide proof of purchase or receipt.

Current Address

Borough of Point Pleasant
Beach Smoke Detector, Carbon Monoxide and Fire Extinguisher Requirements
CSACMAPFEC, N.J.A.C. 5:70-2.3 & N.J.A.C. 5:70-4.19

Each level of the dwelling is required to have a smoke alarm. The smoke alarm may be either DC (battery powered) or AC (electrically powered) depending on what year the dwelling was built in accrodance with the following table.

Smoke Detectors

Before 1977 DC (battery) powered smoke detector on center of celing hall adjacent to bedrooms and each living level including basement. As of January 1, 2019 DC (battery) powered detectors shall be ten-year sealed battery.
1977 - 1980 AC powered smoke detector in hall adjacent to bedrooms, DC smoke detectors on all other levels.
1981 - 1983 AC powered smoke detector in hall adjacent to bedrooms and in basement, if applicable. These must be interconnected. DC smoke detector on all other levels.
1984 - 1990 AC powered smoke detectors on all levels. They must be interconnected.
1991 - 1992 AC powered smoke detectors in all bedrooms, in hallway in the vicinity of bedrooms and on all levels. They must be interconnected.
1992 - present AC powered smoke detectors in all bedrooms, in hallway in the vicinity of bedrooms and on all levels, interconnected with battery backup.
Special installations: Some dwellings may have a monitored NFPA 72 system substituted at time of construction in place of AC Powered smoke detectors. In these situations, a certified alarm contractor or electrician must perform the inspection and a certificate of compliance is needed for our certification to be issued. Our Bureau cannot test these systems
Carbon Monoxide: Alarm must be in the common hall outside of but within 10 feet of the bedroom doors. May be battery, hard-wired or plug in type. *EXCEPTION: buildings that do not contain a fuel-burning device or attached garage.
Fire Extingisher:
  1. The extinguisher shall be within 10 feet of the kitchen and located in the path of egress;
  2. The extinguisher shall be readily accessible and not obstructed from view;
  3. The extinguisher shall be mounted using the manufacturer's hanging bracket so the operating instructions are clearly visible;
  4. The extinguisher shall be approved listed and labeled type with a minimum rating of 2A-10B:C and no more than ten pounds;
  5. The owner's manual or written operation instructions shall be provided during inspection and left for new occupant;
  6. The extinguisher shall be serviced and tagged by a certified Division of Fire Safetycontractorwithin the past 12 months or the seller must have a receipt for a recently purchased extinguisher; and
  7. the top of the extinguisher shall not be more than five feet abouve the floor.
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I hereby acknowledge that I have read this application, that the information given is correct, and that I am the owner or authorized agent to act in the owners' behalf and as such hereby agree to comply with the appicable requirements of the fire code as well as any specific conditions imposed by the fire official.

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