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(a) Are there any past due water, sewer, or tax charges due on the Vacant Property?
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Force Majeure
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If the Owner is an entity that is experienced in the rehabilitation and redevelopment of Vacant Property, and the Vacant Property that is subject to the Ordinance is being held for a rehabilitation or redevelopment project, the Owner may request a one-year exemption in writing to the Municipal Officer, and must provide the Municipal Officer with plans, financing applications, applications for land use approval or other evidence of progress.
Habitable Property
Rehabilitation/Redevelopment Project
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Rehabilitation / Redevelopment Project
An owner must timely submit plans to the Department of Inspections demonstrating that the property will be completely rehabilitated and restored to productive use and occupancy within twelve (12) months following the initial property registration, or must submit to the Municipal Officer a certified letter from a licensed contractor or architect stating that the property is capable of being completely rehabilitated and restored to productive use and occupancy within the twelve (12) months following the initial property registration.
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Please identify the categories for which you are seeking an exemption of the vacant property registration fee. The requirements for each category are explained in Appendix B appended to the Vacant Property Rules and Regulations, which are included with this Form for ease of reference.
Property Owner's or Authorized Agent's Statement
The property is rendered uninhabitable due to circumstances beyond the owner’s control and in which the owner had no responsibility whatsoever, including but not limited to, an Act of God, criminal activity, or negligence of individuals or entities other than the Owner or anyone under the Owner’s control. progress.
Active marketing shall mean any proactive, deliberate and purposeful actions taken by the Owner to actively seek prospective purchasers or lessees. Examples of active marketing include, but are not limited to, retaining a licensed real estate agent or broker to list the property for sale or rent, and taking out advertisements in various media forms such as, newspapers and online services. The placement of a “For Sale” sign on or about the property, the posting of flyers or signs, or making known that the property is for sale or rent by word of mouth, shall be considered passive marketing for which an exemption will not apply. If the Vacant Property has not been occupied after the expiration of the twelve-month period, the Owner shall be required to pay the initial registration fee of $250, and any subsequent renewals as required.
Registration Exemption Categories
Is there a pending foreclosure processing for the property?
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Requirements for Exemption
I, The Undersigned, hereby affirm that I am duly authorized to act on behalf of all ownership interests in the above-referenced property. I hereby attest/swear that the information contained herein is accurate and complete to the best of my knowledge. I am aware that if any of the foregoing statements made by me are willfully false, I am subject to punishment under as provided in Appendix D of the vacant property registration rules and regulations.
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319 East State Street
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(609) 989-3563
(b) Have you complied with all of the requirements and attached all of the required documentation identified in Appendix B for the Exemption Category selected?
Vacant Property Exemption
Request Form
Habitable Property
If an owner of a Vacant Property wishes to seek an exemption from payment of the vacant property registration fee, the Owner must complete this form prior to the date the registration is due and submit all of the documentation required. Failure to comply with these requirements will result in the denial of the owner's exemption request.
Restoration to Productive Project
An owner may be exempted from the vacant property registration requirements if the Vacant Property is habitable wherein (i) all building systems are in sound working order which is evidenced by the issuance of a Certificate of Occupancy, (ii) the building and grounds are maintained in good order, and (iii) the building is being actively marketed for sale or rental. The fact that an owner has secured the required permits to rehabilitate the vacant property is not prima facie evidence that the Vacant Property is habitable, but will be used as one of the factors to determine if the Vacant Property may be exempted from the registration requirements.
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Restoration to productive Use
Exemption Category
Force Majeure
The Owner timely provides the Municipal Officer with official documentation from a qualified, licensed demolition entity indicating that the property will be demolished within thirty (30) days after the date on which the initial vacant property registration fee or renewal fee is due, which may be extended by the Municipal Officer for good cause shown. An Owner may demonstrate good cause by providing specific evidence showing that could not reasonably foresee, or which was beyond the Owner’s control.