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It is further understood that this license is granted only to the ownership listed on this application for the period stated.

Place, Business and Ownership is NOT TRANSFERABLE in any form. Failure to cooperate the business in compliance with Chapter 24 of the New Jersey State Sanitary Code and any and all other applicable laws and regulations of the State of New Jersey may result in revocation of the License, and/or additional fees.

I understand that any change in the information in this application, any alternations or additions, new construction, or equipment, must be approved by the Health Department and other municipal offices prior to such action. The Health Department must be notified of fires, flooding or other incidents causing interruption of operation.

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Retail Establishments regardless of size or food product sold and mobile food vendors $275
Vending machine licenses $275
Outside vendors for Township and non-Township sponsored special events 1 - 4 days $50 a day with a max of $175
Annual mobile vendors or vendors for Township and non-Township sponsored special events more than 4 days $275

  • Please be advised there is a $3.00 processing fee for Credit Card payments.

  • Please note that you will be contacted upon review of application and documentation, and at that time payment will be requested. Payment can be made via cash, check or credit card.
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