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New residential structures, the following are requirements to be attached:
911 address
Septic permit
If there is a driveway being built, then a driveway permit is needed as well.

The following attachments are required where applicable:
Septic permit,
911 address,
Stormwater plan,
Elevation certificate,
Variance Request,
Special Exception Request
All Applications Require a Plot Plan
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This application is made for a zoning/development permit to erect or alter a structure as shown on the attached diagram or to use the property for the purpose described. The information which follows, with the location diagram, is made part of this application by the undersigned. It is understood and agreed by the applicant that any error, misstatement, or misrepresentation of material facet, either with or without intention, may cause a refusal of this application. Any change in the location, size, or use of the structure or land after the issuance of this permit, without the approval of the Zoning Administrator or the Zoning Hearing Board shall be grounds for the revocation of this permit. The applicant agrees to allow the Zoning Administrator or duly appointed assistant to examine all structures and land for which an application for a Zoning/Development Permit has been requested. Please see that other permits (including building, subdivision, land development, highway occupancy, sewage planning, floodplain management, etc.) are in place before proceeding. All construction must be completed before the expiration date of this permit. This permit is valid for one (1) calendar year from the date of issuance.

Lycoming Planning and Community Website
Request for Appeal: The applicant may appeal the decision of the Zoning Administrator to the Zoning Hearing Board for relief upon receipt of letter of denial from the Zoning Administrator. If an appeal is desired you must complete the Zoning Hearing Board application detailing the relief being sought and submit to the Board Secretary.

Your application will be reviewed upon payment in full of all fees.
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