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Please be sure you have all vehicles out of your driveway before 7:30 AM on the date of delivery. The product will be placed in your driveway at the homeowner’s side of the sidewalk during the workday. It is anticipated that you will receive this delivery prior to 3:00 PM.

It is very important that you remember the driver cannot under any circumstances go past the sidewalk with the rear wheels of the truck. Please avoid asking them to do so. It is also recommended to lay a tarp at the foot of the driveway just before the edge of the curb to collect most of the material.

One delivery; one product per month per address.

Humus is a dark, fine-grained material that is used for soil enrichment. It should be turned into beds or lawn areas.

Shredded wood is a top dressing material that is not treated in any way and is composed of branches picked up in the Township. It is the same material used throughout the Village in our parks and municipal areas. It may have some rock, glass or other debris mixed with the product and care should be used in handling it. Dirt in the material will wash down into the ground when the first rainfalls occur after spreading the product.

Once a request for product and payment has been submitted, a notification for delivery date will be communicated by the Department of Public Works. Please check your email.

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May 25th Delivery Date must be requested prior to May 24th.   June 29th Delivery Date must be requested prior to June 28th.
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